Wedding Party Gifts – who to give gifts to on your wedding day

There is no doubt that there are many people involved in your wedding.  Without their help, it would not be the very special day we are sure it will turn out to be. Use this handy checklist to get your wedding party gifts organised and ready for your big day.

We’ve listed all of the key members of the bridal and wedding party, as well as significant others who may be helping to make your wedding dreams come true, along with a few wedding party gift suggestions to make the task even easier. 




What does it mean to be 'part of a wedding'?

Being ‘part of a wedding’ can mean many things. It often refers to those who have made a significant contribution or who are part of the ‘wedding party’. The wedding party usually includes those who sit at the top table, including the bride and groom, their parents, as well as the best man and maid of honour. Ushers and bridesmaids may be included too.

Traditionally, they each receive a gift from the couple getting married to thank them for being part of the wedding, and as recognition for their love and support in the lead-up or organisation of the big day.

Should you give gifts to your wedding guests?

Wedding party gifts are not to be confused with wedding favours, which are popular with guests. Favours are very small gifts that wedding guests are given as keepsakes or to enjoy at the wedding breakfast, such as a small box of chocolates, personalised sweets, candles or a packet of seeds.

Who should you buy wedding party gifts for?

Ultimately it is up to you, as a couple, to decide who you wish to buy gifts for.

There may be many people who have helped with your wedding planning and organisation, so do take a moment to consider who you would like to thank with a gift or show special appreciation doesn't have to be confined to those on the 'top table'.

To help you organise your wedding party gift arrangements, below, is a list of people who are traditionally given gifts on the wedding day, as well as others you may wish to consider.


Maid of Honour

The maid of honour is often the bride’s best friend or sister and their role can be very broad from specifically helping the bride to get ready on the morning of the wedding and looking after younger bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys on the day; through to helping with the organisation of the hen do and other elements of the wedding and the desires of the bride.

For many brides, thanking your maid of honour is not just about their direct help with the wedding, but a long time (even a lifetime) of support and friendship.



You may have older and younger bridesmaids – those who are dear friends, as well as those who are relatives.

Remember you don’t have to buy the same gift for all of your bridesmaids – you can make it bespoke to their personality and their roles in your big day. You can choose a gift which is given after the wedding ceremony or before, that they can use or wear during the day itself.


Read our Guide to Giving Gifts to Bridesmaids


Bride thanking flower girl


Flower Girls and Page Boys

Often younger (and super cute!), choosing a gift for the children who will be your flower girls and page boys can be lots of fun.

One top tip is to choose something they can do – such as colouring, a puzzle or a small game, during the “slower” (…or kids' version..." boring!") parts of the wedding day, such as the speeches and photographs.

You can also choose a gift that they can keep – something they will appreciate as they get older – a reminder of their part in your wedding day.


Best Man

The best man often plays a key role in keeping everyone organised during the wedding day…as well as, traditionally, being asked to give a speech at the wedding breakfast. For some, this can be incredibly daunting.

Your best man will have also no doubt supported the wedding plans; will help the groom to get ready and be on time on the morning of the wedding…as well as throw a fun (and, hopefully, responsible!) stag do.

As with your maid of honour, the best man is often a best friend or close relative of the groom and a wedding party gift and special thank you present can reflect a long-lasting friendship and strong relationship too.


Ushers and Groomsmen

As fellow friends and relations, your ushers and groomsmen may play a significant role in ensuring that your wedding day goes smoothly.

We know many occasions when the bride and groom have thought everything on their wedding day went perfectly thanks to the best man, ushers, groomsmen and other members of the wedding party fixing little hiccups, without the bride and groom even noticing.

With this in mind, choose a special thank you gift in advance that shows how grateful you are for those ‘superpowers’ to ensure you both have the perfect day.


Mother of the Bride...and parents of the happy couple

It is very traditional to give a gift to the mother of the bride. However, in modern times, all of the parents and step-parents of the couple are often presented with a little gift to say thank you for their role in the wedding. The gifts also show gratitude for support with the organisation and for all they have done in getting you to this important milestone in your life.

You can choose a thank-you gift that parents can enjoy together, such as a luxury hamper, or choose something individually.

Wedding Planner

From a professional wedding planner to the super organised best friend who has been there from engagement through to the morning of the wedding….thank that person who has ensured everything is organised, well-planned and kept you both calm.

Unfortunately, planning a wedding is often stressful and can feel overwhelming. Therefore, anyone who has offered to help…from stuffing invitations in envelopes to listening to you complain about the difficulties of pulling together the table plan...may deserve a little gift!


Significant Contributors and Wedding Suppliers

Beyond the helpers, you may also have had people who have made significant contributions to your wedding and you want to mark their professionalism or expertise. 

It may be a family friend who made your wedding cake. Perhaps, a graphic designer cousin is designing your invitations. Maybe, your local florist whom you have known for years is creating the most spectacular wedding flower displays and bouquets. A very special aunt or grandmother is making or adjusting your wedding dress and outfits for other members of the wedding party. 

They may not be part of the traditional list of wedding party gift recepients, but it is nice to consider if you want to get a little something, 

You may also want to choose a small gift for your vicar, imam, celebrant or another marriage officiant, who has taken the time to get to know you both and performs your wedding ceremony in a way that is personal to you both.

There could be a myriad of people who played a small part in your wedding day but have made a real impact on how you will remember this time. Why not choose something really lovely as a thank you?



Each Other

And finally…last, but certainly not least…and often forgotten…buy a little gift for each other - the most important wedding party gift of all!

You can swap these in the wedding car on the way to your reception or when you finally reach your hotel room, as a married couple – a time when it’s just the two of you.

Choose something that shows how well you know each other and how excited you are to start your new life together.

When should you give out your wedding party gifts? 

You can choose to distribute your wedding party gifts whenever you want. They may be given out as part of the speeches at the wedding breakfast. You may wish to give them out before the wedding, perhaps when you are getting ready. Or you may wish to wait and have something delivered to the individual's home, after the special day. This is made particularly easy with online ordering and named day delivery.

Remember this is your day and your gifts, so decide whom you give them to and when you hand them out that best suits your plans…and your plans only.



Thank you and wedding party gifts for your wedding day

We hope this is a useful checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anyone significant when it comes to buying thank you and wedding party gifts.

At, you can order multiple gifts easily online, to suit a wide range of tastes and spend.

The hampers can all be delivered to you, for handing out personally on the day. Or, they can be delivered on your specified date, to several different addresses, if you’d prefer.

Let's make buying thank-you gifts for your wedding party one little job on the long wedding planning to-do list which is both fun and easy to complete.

Whatever you choose….whomever you are buying for…importantly, we hope you have the most wonderful wedding day. 


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