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Environmental Policy

Clearwater Hampers is committed to minimising our environmental impact and enhancing the communities we are part of wherever possible.

Carbon Footprint

Clearwater Hampers was established in 1979 as a fish farm business in the Oxfordshire countryside. We are proud of our British heritage, so we are 100% committed to using UK suppliers for all our products & packaging to ensure we are working to reduce our carbon footprint. Where possible we strive to use local companies and source majority of our packaging from Wiltshire which is only a county away.

We do not have our own fleet of delivery vehicles, instead choosing to place our deliveries through a standard courier network delivering parcels in the area regardless to save on additional vehicles on the road.

Where possible we encourage our corporate customers placing a large order to have the entire order delivered to one business location rather than dispatching to individual addresses across the UK.

Clearwater Hampers are proud to now call Milton Park Business Park in Oxfordshire home, we are all keen here to reduce our carbon footprint and therefore car sharing and ‘cycle to work’ days are regularly promoted & encouraged. There is a regular electric shuttle bus service connecting the train station & surrounding areas to the business park which allows our guests to contribute to our mission by not requiring taxis to our location.


Our cardboard outer packaging and any cardboard inner packaging is 100% recyclable and can be recycled as you would any other piece of cardboard in your office or home.

Our workshop team are committed to recycling as much as possible and all excess cardboard from product deliveries into us will be collected and placed in the bailer ready for collection for recycling.

The traditional baskets are made from either Wicker, Bamboo or Willow, all of which are sustainable materials. The great thing about this packaging is that it is reusable and makes for an excellent storage container in the home or office. However, if you do get to a point where there is no longer a need for your basket, they are bio-degradable and will become a nice, safe dirt.

The Woodwool used as loose fill within our hampers to protect the food and drink items is 100% biodegradable. This can be recycled alongside cardboard and paper or can be put through the composter.

The spiral wrap used to protect some of our hamper gifts which are packed in just a cardboard outer is 100% recyclable and can be placed in the recycling along with all other plastic products.

Any products deemed not fit for purpose due to damage or inedible is removed from all packaging. The packaging gets recycled and the waste food is used as Pig Food.


Our entire combined office & workshop pace of 2,000sq m has recently been fitted with Low Power LED lights as an energy saving task.

A low energy system is used to control our workshop & office heating system.


It is only natural due to the nature of what we do, that quite often we have excess stock especially after Christmas. When this happens, we ensure to donate to our local food-bank organisations and homeless shelters.

During our peak time in the build up to Christmas and beyond (September to January) we need more hands on deck to get those Christmas hampers out of the door, we are proud to offer temporary work for around 100 people per year in the local community, some of our temporary staff come back year on year. Sometimes we also manage to turn this temporary work into full time employment as we grow our business.

Our Suppliers

We don’t just stop at our own personal mission to save the environment; we like to ensure the suppliers we select when sourcing our food and drink products believe and actively work on the same mission.

Here's just a few of our suppliers and their policies:

Walkers is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, for sourcing palm oil from sustainable forests. All the Palm Oil Walkers use is certified sustainable and for this reason their products have been recognised by the Rainforest Foundation.

No bovine growth hormones or antibiotics are given to the free-range grass-fed dairy cows that produce the rich, creamy milk that becomes the butter used in their shortbread recipe.

Raw ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

  • The gauges for film, cardboard, tin plate and plastic have all been reduced where permissible and practicable.
  • Extensive work carried out on reductions to both primary and secondary packaging.
  • The cardboard for selected cartons is sourced through the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure sustainability.
  • Use of recycled tinplate.
  • Plastic (rPET) - includes a recycled content in excess of 50% and can be recycled.

Certified to produce Organic products by the Soil Association.

As part of the Company’s on-going commitment to environmental improvement Walkers have recently installed 80 solar panels on the roof of the newest factory. They are currently producing clean, green renewable energy for the site.

Choc Affair is committed to sustainability, minimising our environmental impact and enhancing the communities we are a part of.

Choc Affair’s journey started in Linda’s kitchen in 2006; and they continue to delight in handcrafting delicious-tasting chocolate today, sharing the joy that chocolate ignites. They are proud of their British heritage – so they’re 100% committed to using UK suppliers for all their packaging, reducing the carbon footprint.

Their Inclusive Employment Initiative involves working with local agencies to provide employment opportunities for people who find accessing the workplace difficult. Further afield, they financially invest in a children’s sponsorship programme based in Uganda.

Choc Affair take their role in caring for the planet seriously. Ensuring that their chocolate is made from sustainably grown cocoa, and the ingredients they use are completely free from palm oil.

75% of their packaging is widely recyclable too; and they aim to improve on this further.

Yorkshire crisps are made from carefully selected potatoes that are grown by local farmers on the chalky soils of the Yorkshire Wolds.

  • 100% natural flavouring - Unlike many mass-produced brands, at Yorkshire Crisps you’ll find no monosodium glutamate preservatives, genetically modified or artificial colourings and flavours in their products
  • All packaging is sourced from Yorkshire Suppliers to save on the Carbon Footprint
  • All waste oil and waste crisps are recycled
  • All Crisp Drums are 100% recyclable and packaging artwork has been updated to show how to recycle them successfully

Nib Nibs have an environmental policy which means that they will always look to find a better way of doing things and will always consider the most environmentally friendly option. The biggest struggle at the moment is the use of plastic film – they are seeking new suppliers with new technologies for film that is planet friendly, this is easier said than done and is ongoing. They think they have found a solution and are currently shelf life testing in the new film.

  • They Minimise waste to landfill by recycling, send food waste to pig food, use reusable IBCs for liquids etc
  • Deliver on networks and build tall pallets to reduce carbon footprint from distribution
  • Have eco-friendly ovens to reduce power usage
  • Use flour from a local mill
  • Clean with mainly steam and compressed air, so use very few chemicals.

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