Fox's Kiln Distillery

The location of Fox’s Kiln distillery is steeped in history. The gin is distilled in an old malthouse established in 1888, as part of the rapid growth of Gloucester Docks in the 19th Century. Fox’s Kiln was one of the last warehouses to be built, designed by city architects, JP Moore for S H Fox. At the time, the Fox family were prominent corn merchants and maltsters – so the building itself has a long malting heritage.

As a chef for more than a decade, the founder of both Fox’s Kiln and Gloucester Brewery, Jared Brown, has long had a passion for working with natural ingredients.

Jared decided to open a microbrewery at Gloucester Docks in 2011 (learn more about Gloucester Brewery here) – creating great tasting sustainable beers with little impact on the environment. Then, in 2019, Jared embarked on an exciting new journey into the gin industry. Spending a year putting his creativity to good use and learning all there was to know about how to balance the botanical combinations to create the perfect gin, without the need for any artificial ingredients, in early 2020, a 100-litre Genio still arrived, and the Fox name was ready to see a revival.

"We pride ourselves on producing handcrafted, small batch gins, using only the finest natural botanicals and real fruits, often locally grown."

We capture the highest quality spirit and infuse the most amount of flavour we can. We then bottle the spirit and allow it to further mature bringing the flavours to a mellow, smooth finish.

Smooth tasting gin to truly savour

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Every sip of Fox’s Kiln gin reflects their passion for natural ingredients. The flair for creativity runs through every drop. Each flavour is the result of countless hours of experimentation to perfect the distilling process and get the right blend.

Nothing artificial goes in to the gins and often the fruits and flowers used to produce the fantastic flavours are picked locally from Over Farm, just outside of Gloucester’s city centre.

Using a blend of nine carefully selected botanicals, the classic gin provides an incredibly smooth and balanced finish and is perfect for a classic gin and tonic. However, rather than adding the usual lemon or, perhaps, cucumber, Jared recommends a fresh wedge of pink grapefruit – give it a try and see what you think!

We are also delighted to offer the new Fox’s Kiln Pink Gin, with aromas of luscious red fruits, providing a delicate sweetness. It partners perfectly with an elderflower tonic, mixed with a few fresh raspberries, strawberries and a sprig of mint – the perfect summer drink.

Try the gin

What better way to help your favourite gin-lover celebrate than indulging in this ethically-produced collection? Pick this perfect present for a special summer birthday or treat the newly married couple. The recipients will adore the Fox Kiln’s hand-crafted Classic and Pink Gin, mixed with Franklin & Sons’ great tasting tonics. Completing the taste sensation is flavoursome chocolate from sustainable artisan chocolatiers, Love Cocoa and Montezuma's.

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