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Every year we team up with the finest artisan food and drink suppliers that supply the goods that go into our luxury gift hampers. It is our goal to give you the opportunity to make a real impact on the recipient when they open their gift. Here's some of the brands that help us do that:

Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles are a luxury confectionary brand based in London, UK. Our favourite treat from Monty Bojangles which you will find in our new range is the delicious dusty chocolate truffles. Here's what they have to say:

“Our Truffles are made with a unique and utterly delicious recipe, carefully crafted to deliver the most indulgently chocolatey experience imaginable. We double dust our truffles with exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa powder and infuse their truffle centres with scrumptious ingredients and inclusions that add depth, texture and unforgettable flavour to each curiously moreish bite!”

Monty Bojangles Banner

If you're looking for a great chocolate hamper containing Monty Bojangles, check out the Essential Chocolate Selection.

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms Logo

Nestled deep in the English countryside, Belvoir Fruit Farms have been making fruit cordials and presses since 1984, pressing fresh fruit with spring water. You'll find Belvoir Fruit Punch and lemonade have been a fantastic addition to our hamper range and have been well received by our customers.

Belvoir Fruit Farms Banner

For a hamper containing Belvoir, we’d recommend the Luxury Alcohol-Free Christmas Hamper which has a bottle of the delicious Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch.

Choc Affair

Choc Affair Logo

Choc Affair strives to make artisan luxury chocolate with ethical values at heart. Choc Affair make their delicious homemade chocolates from sustainably sourced cocoa and natural ingredients without the use of preservatives or Palm oil. They also contribute financially to the important work carried out by the International Cocoa Initiative in West Africa in cocoa-growing communities.

Choc Affair Banner

If you’re looking for a hamper containing Choc Affair, view our Against Breast Cancer Hamper. For every sale of the Against Breast Cancer Hamper, we’ll donate £5 to the Against Breast Cancer charity.

Hunter's Brewery

Hunter's Brewery

Rooted in the heart of the Devonshire countryside, Hunter’s Brewery is a family-run brewery dedicated to producing the finest quality ales. They use only the best locally-sourced ingredients and are committed to crafting real ales that are guaranteed to pack more flavour than your average pint. They achieve this by bottle conditioning the bottled real ales, trapping the flavour that is missing from most mass-produced beers.

Hunter's Brewery Banner

For a fantastic beer gift containing ales from Hunter’s Brewery, check out our Birthday Hamper For Him.

Grandma Wild's

Grandma Wild's

Grandma Wild’s are a fourth-generation family business, no masters in the craft of biscuit baking. Many of their recipes are the same created by Grandma Annie Wild over 100 years ago. Today, the business holds true to the tradition Wild family value and strives to meet the standard set by Grandma Wild all those years ago.

Grandma Wild's Banner

For a delicious hamper containing Grandma Wild’s biscuits, view our bestselling Bearing Gifts Hamper.

Cartwright & Butler

Cartwright & Butler Logo

The Cartwright & Butler baking story spans over five generations and their passion for making the finest artisan biscuits is at the heart of everything they do. It’s not only the taste that makes Cartwright & Butler stand out from the crowd, but the presentation of their biscuit tins and boxes which will be recognised across the UK.

Cartwright & Butler Banner

For a hamper containing the instantly recognisable Cartwright & Butler, try our Bearing Gifts Hamper.

Vezzani Chianti Red Wine

A dry red wine with a luxury velvety taste, this full flavoured Chianti is produced in Salento, Italy a few Kilometres from the iconic coast.

Chianti Red Wine

If you’re looking for a gift hamper containing Chianti, try our Connoisseur Wine Duo.

Yorkshire Crisps

Yorkshire Crisps Logo

The Yorkshire Crisps Company produce deliciously moreish and flavoursome in the heart of Yorkshire. With a mission to source all their ingredients from local producers and their crisps are celebrated across the UK.

Yorkshire Crisps Banner

For a hamper containing the delicious Yorkshire Crisps, check out our Afternoon Tea Delights Hamper.

Mr Filbert's

Filbert's Logo

Mr Filbert’s are an innovative snacks brand that have tempted the taste buds of food aficionados since they started in 2010. Since then, they’ve gone on to win over 40 taste and industry awards.

Mr Filbert's Banner

For a delicious gift hamper containing Mr Filbert’s, try our Classic Food & Wine Hamper.

Thomas Tucker

Thomas Tucker Logo

Founded in the heart of Nottinghamshire over 25 years ago, Tommy Tucker have since grown into a dominant force in the popcorn industry and it’s easy to see why. Their delicious popcorn is a favourite among our customers and have been since we introduced them to our hampers some years ago.

Thomas Tucker Banner

If you’re looking for a gift hamper containing the delicious Thomas Tucker popcorn, view our Ultimate Alcohol Free Hamper.

Snowdonia Cheese Company

Snowdonia Cheese Company Logo

Nestled in the beautiful North Wales, Snowdonia Cheese Company was founded in 2001 with the mission of creating a luxury range of cheeses.

They began selling cheese at UK farmers markets and the response was exceptional. Within months the food had found its way to fine food delicatessens and luxury food retailers.

Snowdonia Cheese Banner

For a hamper with Snowdonia Cheese, try our Wine, Cheese & Pate Hamper.


Farrah's Logo

Established in 1840, Farrah’s have become world over for their delicious toffee packaged in their signature blue and silver tins.

Farrah's Banner

If you’re looking for a luxury gift hamper containing Farrah’s, check out our Ultimate Alcohol Free Hamper.

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw Logo

Elizabeth Shaw began baking for her family over 130 years ago. After the positive reaction from her family, Elizabeth began selling her treats in her brother-in-law’s shop. Over a century later, Elizabeth Shaw are renowned for the delicious taste and premium presentation.

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