Tinston Wines and Ciders

Owner of Tinston Wines and Ciders, Liam Tinston, gained an interest in wine whilst working for Majestic, this lead to him completing a degree in Viticulture and Oenology in the UK and from there going on to hone his skills as a wine-maker in some of the top wine-producing regions across the world. After returning to England he acted as head wine-maker for Three Choirs and Carr-Taylor, two of the leading wineries on the UK wine scene.

More recently Liam began using the skills he learned as a wine-maker to begin producing cider. Initially this started out as a bit of fun, with Liam using the fruit from a few apple trees on a friend’s farm. However, after the first attempt making a small batch, it became clear that cider making was something worth investing in.

Uniquely, unlike many cider producers, Tinston do not have their own orchard. This gives Liam the opportunity to purchase the specific types of apples he wants to use for his ciders, rather than being restricted to the apples from a particular orchard.

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Liam believes that the character of the apples used should be allowed to speak for themselves. He tries to avoid intervention during the production process and uses minimal additives and preservatives, which has the added benefit of enabling his cider to remain vegetarian and vegan.

True to his wine-making background, Liam produces his cider using similar techniques to those used when producing sparkling wine. The fruit is pressed to extract the juice. Yeast is then added which begins to convert the sugar in the juice into alcohol through a process call fermentation.

The yeast also produces carbon dioxide (CO2) as a by-product of the fermentation process. Because the cider is kept sealed during this process the CO2 cannot dissipate and is instead dissolved into the cider, giving it it’s refreshing fizz.

The taste test

Before you taste your bottle of Tinston Anatomy Cider, put any thought of the overly sweet, orange-coloured cider you’d find in a can out of your mind. This is premium, craft cider at its best. It’s also not a traditional scrumpy either. This is something different and completely unique.

It’s pale in colour, with flavours of crisp green apple and a hint of blossom. It’s got a bracing fresh acidity which is accented by the bubbles which are fine and clean.

This is a perfect celebration cider. Open it instead of a bottle of sparkling wine and serve it in champagne flutes. It’s a perfect match for seafood working well with anything from a traditional battered cod to a plate of fresh oysters.

Tinston wines and ciders at hampers.com

Cider is Wine

Cider is Wine is an organisation which was created to represent a quality mark for ciders, perries and fruit wines. For a cider to receive a recommendation from Cider is Wine, it goes through a strict acceptance process. It must be made from the whole fruit rather than concentrate – unlike many mass-produced ciders, which only need to contain up to 35% fruit juice. It must also reflect where it came from, who produced it, the varietals it’s made from and the year in which the fruit was harvested.

On your bottle of Tinston Anatomy Cider you will notice a hologrammatic Cider is Wine hallmark. This is proof that this product holds a best-in-class pedigree for both its fruit quality and production methods.