Mother’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas

Kids bringing Mum breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a quintessential Mother’s Day treat for any mum.

Greeting the special parent in your life (whether it’s your partner, wife, mum, step mum or nan) with a tray full of goodies and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea is the ideal start to Mothering Sunday for many.

We have lots of ideas for how to make mum’s breakfast-in-bed or special Sunday brunch extra special this 27th March. 

Read on... and get planning....



Breakfast in bed delivered to mum’s door

This Mother’s Day, we bring you the ultimate combination of both indulgence and convenience with our two Breakfast Hampers, featuring a selection of delicious breakfast and brunch items that are easy to prepare and take to mum in bed.

Our Mother’s Day Breakfast Hamper features a bespoke selection ideal for the Mothering Sunday morning. It’s easy to prepare, even young children can help, and has everything mum will love. It's also great for an elderly mum who perhaps can’t be with you or can’t get out - what a special treat just for them.

Look inside and there are thick teacakes ready to be toasted, buttered and topped with a choice of raspberry jam or blood orange marmalade. Plus, mum will enjoy the delicious oat granola from Husk & Honey, along with breakfast tea, luxury apple juice and her very own little bottle of Prosecco. Find a flute or perhaps just a cheeky reusable straw!



If breakfast is a time for the family to present their gifts to mum and all pile on to the bed on her special day (we know what little kids are like… so much for a lie-in!), then, why not take the edge of the early wake up with our Luxury Mother’s Day Breakfast Hamper for Two… or more!

This thoughtful gift hampers includes the teacakes, granola and jam, but also a choice of slow-roasted coffee and refreshing tea. Plus, it has the luxurious addition of beautifully sweet peach juice and a bottle of our finest Italian Prosecco to make classic breakfast Bellinis… for both parents to enjoy!




Mother's Day Breakfast-in-Bed ideas for all

Breakfast in bed for your partner

Have your children flown the nest? Will this be the first Mother’s Day morning at home without them? Then, treat your partner to an extra special Mothering Sunday experience.

Give the kids a nudge and get them to order one of our delightful breakfast hampers… or go ahead and order the ‘for two’ luxury version and show her how much your partner is loved and appreciated.

Easy to prepare; you can enjoy a tray full of delights, whilst perusing the Sunday papers or listening to the radio… enjoy a lie-in and the quietness of a Sunday morning in an ‘empty nest’. It doesn’t sound too bad when it’s put like that, does it?


Breakfast in bed with the children

For those with younger kids, the concept of making mummy breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning will be truly exciting.

With little supervision, the children can be ‘in charge’ of the preparations. After a little help with toasting tea cakes and boiling the kettle, give them the job of spreading the butter, jam or marmalade, and displaying the tea cakes on a plate.

Get the kids to find the bowls and spoons for the granola... perhaps, a cute jug for some milk and special juice glasses too?

Don’t forget serviettes and mum’s favourite mug for her tea or coffee.

Then, you just need the finishing touches, with a crystal flute or perhaps her beloved cocktail class for the Prosecco.


Mum, Dad and Daughter enjoying breakfast in bed

Get the tray ready and ask the ‘responsible adult’ (or Daddy!) to carry it carefully up the stairs, and surprise mum with a breakfast in bed experience to be savoured.

The children could also design a menu of breakfast items and drinks to choose from. Or simply the addition of a bud vase with small flower arrangement or single daffodil picked from your garden, by the kids, can be a nice extra touches that mummy will truly appreciate too.


Mother's Day Breakfast in bed from abroad

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?!

We love the idea of surprising your mum from abroad with a breakfast delivered direct to her door, ready for her to enjoy on Mother’s Day morning.

If you live away from the UK, will be on holiday or out of the country with work this Mother’s Day, then let us help make the day extra special for mum, even if you can't be there in person.

Arrange for delivery on Friday 25th or Saturday 26th March, and when mum wakes up Mothering Sunday she has an easy to prepare breakfast graze box full of treats, that can easily be arranged and taken back to bed or enjoyed on the sofa.

If dad or mum’s partner is around then let them in on the surprise and they can make sure everything is ready and in place for a breakfast in bed treat.

No matter where you are in the world, make sure you’re ready to message, phone or video call to wish your mum the best on this special day.

Breakfast or brunch for mum who you will see very soon

We know that it’s not always easy to be together on Mother’s Day, even if you are all in the same country.

With your own children, grandchildren, mothers-in-law and grandmothers to consider, the logistics of having everyone together is not always possible.

Illness, work or caring for other can also alter plans… so why not organise Breakfast in Bed as a guaranteed bright and indulgent start to their Mother’s Day?

Our Breakfast Hamper is ideal for an elderly relative on her own this Mother’s Day morning. Delivered direct to her door with everything she needs to sit enjoy a breakfast, or brunch if she prefers.

If you know your mum is off to visit her own mum or mother-in-law, then ensure she gets a little treat first thing, before she thinks of others. Our hamper is utterly divine for a slow morning, ready made brunch or breakfast in bed…with her favourite book, of course.



Make the entirety of Mother’s Day extra special this year

Don’t stop at simply Breakfast in Bed!

Have you thought about what else you could be doing with your mum this Mother’s Day?

We’ve got a whole range of activity ideas to help you. >>> 

If mum is not a morning person, then we also have afternoon tea, pamper hampers and more in our full Mother’s Day range – so check these out too!

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