7 Mother’s Day Activities To Make Mum Feel Special

Girl giving mum some flowers


Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is important, but what’s extra special about Mothering Sunday is a chance to spend time together as a family.

Spend quality time with your mum this year by doing something together.

Choose an activity that you know she’ll love. Spend time just the two of you or get your siblings, children and other family members involved too.

Here are 7 Mother’s Day activity ideas, all wonderful and most low cost, to get you started…



1. Cook mum a special meal

It’s slightly discerning to think how many meals your mum has likely planned and cooked for you over the years! Now, it's your turn... and make it a good one!

You could organise a traditional Sunday roast with all of the trimmings. Tell mum to put her feet up whilst you peel the spuds and prepare the vegetables.

Or why not be a little more extravagant and prepare a full three-course meal to enjoy together?

Get dressed up and enjoy some quality time to talk, whilst indulging in some newfound recipes. The best bit… invite her to sit and chat whilst you cook. You could even pop open a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco – a perfect aperitif, whilst you prepare the finishing touches for your meal.

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If it’s a big family affair, then why not put together a delightful buffet full of Mum’s (and Grandma’s/Nanny's) favourites?

Get everyone involved, all contributing what they know Mum for best. Let her grandchildren choose some special treats too.

Spoil her like she usually spoils all of you!

mum and daughter baking together on Mother's Day, with mum pouring in oil

2. Bake something delicious with her

Does your mum love to bake? Are her cakes THE best? Ask her to share her secret with you this Mother’s Day.

A homemade cake, brownies, cookies or cupcakes always tastes extra special when baked with love and care. Carve out some time this Mother’s Day to create something delicious. 

You could bake and decorate an extra special cake to enjoy for pudding or make a selection of smaller treats as part of a special at-home afternoon tea.

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3. Help out in mum's garden

We hope it’ll be lovely weather on Sunday 19th March – Mum deserves it.

If your mum’s garden is her pride and joy… but it’s a place you admire without taking much interest, make a special effort this Mother’s Day to spend some time there with your mum.

Ask her to share her expertise. Offer to help. Perhaps, your garden could do with some TLC – make a plan of action together. Choose some special plants, shrubs or, even, a tree and plant them together as a symbol of your relationship… something to remind you of your special day together.

A visit to the local garden centre is always a treat, or for a special day out, visit a National Open Garden, for a nice walk in the open air and to be inspired by nature's beauty.

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4. Enjoy a film together

How often are you and the family all relaxing on the sofa enjoying a movie, whilst mum is busy tidying up or doing something in the kitchen? No matter how much you call her to join you... she still protests! Well, we won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, this Mother's Day.

Make an effort to ensure Mum puts her feet up. Find out what film she loves or something she has yet to see but wants to.

Set the scene with popcorn, drinks and retro sweets. Draw the curtains and immerse yourselves.

You could treat mum to a trip to the cinema too. We love the recliner seats now available in most places!

What would Mum love to see? Who are her favourite actors? What new genre could you introduce her to? There is so much variety – from box office blockbusters to absolute classics.

Check your local cinema, multiplex and independent picture house to find out what’s showing this Mother’s Day.

5. Play some of Mum's favourite board games

Scrabble? Cluedo? Chess? Monopoly? What were your family’s favourite board games when you were younger?

After a delicious Sunday lunch, put away those digital devices and raid the board game cupboard. We all know Mum still has one of those!

Whether it’s cards or Connect 4, sitting around playing a game is a great way to reconnect. It’ll ignite memories of family holidays and rainy days at home as children. It’s amazing what stories often come out.

You could find a new board game to teach Mum and everyone else in the family.

There are bound to be games based on her favourite quiz show or related to something she loves to do. Go and visit your local, independent board game shop.

The game will make a lovely extra Mother’s Day gift too.


6. Look through some old photo albums or videos

If your parents still have slides, then there is nothing more fun than setting up the projector and stepping through some family history and treasured memories.

Have you ever seen your mum’s wedding album or old black-and-white photos of relatives that she may have been given over the years? It’s great fun looking at old photos, spotting the resemblances and finding out more about your family tree. If you are lucky enough to have your grandma or nan too, get them involved and see how far you can take your family history back.

With siblings, cousins and, even, your kids, it’s great fun to take a look at photos and old videos from your childhood (and mum’s dodgy hairstyles!). You may have to explain to the kids what a camcorder is!


Mum, daughter and her children gathered around a tablet, looking at photos

Why not recreate an old photo?

We love this social media craze! Find a classic picture from when you were little…perhaps a family portrait or a fun, holiday scene and see if you can recreate the same pose. These examples from boredpanda.com are sure to make you laugh! 

Now, let's see what you can do...!

7. Do whatever mum loves – ask her what that is…

It’s a simple idea to finish with… but we so often forget! When it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day activity, ask your mum what she would like to do.

Mums are often pretty rubbish at putting themselves first. So, before the ‘big day’, have a chat with mum about how she would like to spend Mother’s Day.

This is ideal if you can be together… or even if you are apart.

What would she like to do and how can you facilitate that? Get mum to put herself in the centre of the planning.

Would she like some time to rest and relax, a bit of spa-like pampering, perhaps?

Is there a new restaurant she’s been meaning to try?

Could you do some craft activities at home or in a class?

You can do lots of artistic activities over a video call or through an online course. It's a great way to spend time together, even when you are apart.



Have fun together this Mother’s Day

We hope these simple-to-do activity ideas have inspired you to make Mother’s Day that extra bit special this year. And remember, it doesn’t always have to be extravagant days out, but spending quality time together doing what she enjoys can make the perfect memories.

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