Environmentally Responsible Gifting

At hampers.com, we're always striving to do our very best for the planet. We're incredibly proud to have been accredited with carbon neutral status, ensuring that our gifts are environmentally responsible and net carbon neutral.


Carbon Neutral


We know that many of our customers want to ensure that the gifts they send to loved ones, clients and employees are kind to the planet, so we're on a journey to B-Corp status. We truly believe in putting purpose over profit. 

Becoming carbon neutral is one of our biggest achievements yet, and we're delighted to reassure you that every single gift bought with us comes with that important status. 



How is hampers.com carbon neutral?

We undertook a rigerous assessment with Carbon Footprint, who measured our annual carbon footprint production. This was a 360 degree review, including the carbon generated by getting our packaging and hamper components to us, our warehouse and office facilities, and delivery to our end consumers. The assessment is QAS (Quality Assurance Scheme) approved.

QAS is a Not For Profit organisation, whose objective is to bring the highest levels of confidence to businesses and individuals that the carbon emissions calculation methodology being used is independently verified, that carbon offset projects meet the highest standards available in the offsetting industry and that carbon retirement is done in an open and timely manner.


How is the carbon offset?

Once we received the result of the assessment, we could see a breakdown of how our carbon footprint is generated. Then, we were able to select approved projects to offset it.

Carbon offsetting projects not only help to combat climate change, but they can do so much more. They can provide much needed employment, health improvement, biodiversity, reforestation and broad social benefits to impoverished communities.

We were keen to select projects which help to care for people and the planet.


Which projects are being supported?

Our carbon is being offset across four wonderful projects:

Solar power generation in India
Wind power generation in Uruguay
Efficient household cookstoves in Malawi
Reduced deforestation in Indonesia




If you are looking for sustainable gifts for your business, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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