Corporate Gifts for Employees


Employee recognition is vital to fostering a positive, joyful and productive workplace. Celebrating employee milestones with meaningful corporate gifts not only boosts morale but also demonstrates appreciation for the hard work of your team.


If you're looking for the perfect way to reward your employees, our delightfully inclusive range of gifts includes options to satisfy every taste and preference.


Let's explore some of our favourite corporate gift hampers designed to make any employee milestone even more memorable!



The Craft Gin Club Tasting Hamper

This image shows a corporate gift hamper for employees with a selection of artisanal food and drinks, perfect for celebrating milestones
Introducing The Craft Gin Club Tasting Hamper


Celebrate employee milestones with a touch of sophistication by gifting The Craft Gin Club Tasting Hamper. Crafted in collaboration with The Craft Gin Club, this delicious gift features a tasting selection of award-winning tipples. Each gin offers a unique flavour profile, ensuring a conversation-starting tasting experience.


Paired with premium Indian tonic water and a selection of artisanal savoury snacks, this beautiful hamper is the ideal way to show your team that you care.


So why not make your employees milestone one to remember with The Craft Gin Club Tasting Hamper, today?



The Summer Sharing Delights Hamper

This image shows a corporate gift designed for an employee milestone, packed with artisanal foods and drinks.
Introducing The Summer Sharing Delights Hamper


Reward your employees with a taste of summer sunshine by inviting them to unwind with The Summer Sharing Delights Hamper. This hamper is more than a gift - it's an invitation to a relax, decompress and host a memorable summer picnic with friends.


This delicious hamper features a selection of Tap Social’s refreshing beers and Shake Baby Shake’s fresh and fruity cocktail cans. Accompanied by zesty tandoor chilli crisps from Howdah and sweet chilli nuts from Cambrook, every bite is a burst of flavour and fun.


It’s an ideal gift to celebrate the hard work of your employees and encourage them to take a well-deserved break. So why not reward your employees with relaxation and gift The Summer Sharing Delights Hamper?



The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper

This image shows a corporate gift designed for an employee milestone, packed with artisanal foods and drinks.
Introducing The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper


Has your team been loving the new season of Clarkson's Farm? If so, why not celebrate a team milestone with the exceptional Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper.


This exclusive gift features four outstanding beers from Jeremy Clarkson's very own brewery. The perfect talking-point gift to reward your team's hard work and success!


The hamper includes a full tasting set of Clarkson's brilliant brews - from a premium lager, to a crisp IPA, a mouthwatering pilsner and a refreshing session beer. Complementing these fantastic beers are an array of moreish nibbles, carefully curated to enhance the tasting experience. This delicious hamper is ideal for celebrating team achievements and creating memorable moments.


So why not celebrate your team's successes with a tasting selection of delicious Hawkstone beers, featured in our Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper?



Afternoon Tea with Prosecco Hamper

Introducing the Luxury Afternoon Tea with Prosecco Hamper


Celebrate your employee's success in style with our Luxury Afternoon Tea with Prosecco Hamper. It's more than just a gift; it's an invitation for them to indulge in a moment of pure luxury.


This elegant hamper includes everything your employee will need for a perfect afternoon tea experience. From delightful scones with strawberry preserve to Cornish clotted cream, traditional English tea and rich fruit cake - this gift is a real showstopper!


The highlight is a fabulous bottle of Italian La Tenuta Sconta Prosecco, adding a touch of sparkle to their celebration. Topped off with sweet treats like Yorkshire Flapjacks and creamy fudge, this hamper is the perfect way to say congratulations to a valued employee.



The Classic Alcohol Free Gift Basket

This image shows a corporate gift designed for an employee milestone, packed with artisanal foods and drinks.
Introducing The Classic Alcohol-Free Gift Basket


Ensure that no one is left out with The Classic Alcohol-Free Gift Basket, an ideal treat for alcohol-free employees.


This thoughtful hamper offers a delightful array of treats and alcohol-free tipples. Starting with a refreshing sparkling elderflower from Belvoir Farm, complemented by delicate afternoon tea and rich, smooth coffee.


Your employee will also enjoy deliciously fruity Dundee cake, baked apple and custard biscuits, and honeycomb chocolate, alongside sweet surprises like caramel and white chocolate popcorn. With every bite and sip, they’ll feel valued and celebrated. This heartwarming gift basket ensures your non-drinking employees know their achievements are truly appreciated.



Bringing Joy to Corporate Gifting


At, we prioritise purpose over profit, ensuring that every corporate gift you send is not only meaningful, but also sustainable.


As proud Accredited Living Wage Employers, we uphold our commitment to fair wages and ethical practices. Recognised by Best Companies with a star and ranked 59th on their list of 'Best Small Companies to Work For', we're dedicated to creating a positive impact in every aspect of our business. Not to mention, every gift sent with us is 100% Carbon Neutral, meaning you can trust us to bring joy to gifting, without harming the planet.


Our dedicated Corporate Gifting Team is here to ensure that your experience with us is as delightful as the gifts themselves. Whether you're celebrating milestones, expressing gratitude, or strengthening relationships, let us help you curate your perfect corporate gifting experience.


To learn more or place a corporate order, visit our Corporate Gifting page or reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Let's work together to bring joy to corporate gifting!




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