Discover Gauchezco with the Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper

The carefully curated Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper - featuring Gauchezco's deliciously refreshing Dulce Natural Sparkling Wine


At, we believe that every special occasion deserves touch of elegance and a story worth sharing. That's why we’re thrilled to feature Gauchezco's deliciously refreshing Dulce Natural sparkling white wine in our new Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper.


This delightful Argentinian white wine boasts a fresh, floral and complex profile, perfectly balancing acidity and sweetness. Hailing from the iconic Gauchezco Vineyard, each sip reflects the dedication and heritage of this storied estate.


Read on to learn more about this exceptional wine, Gauchezco's historic Vineyard and the carefully curated treats included in our Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper.


Introducing Gauchezco

This image shows Eric Arnesi, the  owner of Gauchezco and a self-proclaimed ‘Colorado cowboy’.


The name Gauchezco draws inspiration from the term gaucho, describing the iconic Argentine cowboy who lives and breathes the land. Eric Arnesi, the passionate owner of Gauchezco and a self-proclaimed ‘Colorado cowboy’, embodies this spirit to the core.


The legendary Gauchezco estate was founded in 1881 by the Governor of Mendoza, Tiburcio Benegas. In 2007, 27 year old Eric embarked on a mission to revive the historic vinyard to its former glory. Despite finding the estate in disarray, Eric saw its hidden potential. With unwavering passion and relentless determination, Eric rolled up his sleeves and set about transforming the overgrown land into the flourishing vineyard it is today.


Surrounded by oak forests and housed in a barn that has witnessed decades of wine-making, Gauchezco maintains an artisanal approach. Their wines are crafted without shortcuts, ensuring they remain true to grape. Eric proudly states, “We truly take what the vines give us – no lab approach – no chemical substitutes.”.


Not to mention, Gauchezco also places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices. Eric's philosophy is simple yet profound: to respect the land and let its natural abundance shine through in every bottle. To ensure the soil's nutrients replenish naturally, Eric plants various grasses between the vines. Moreover, instead of using harmful chemicals, Eric opts for organic fertilisers like goats manure. Some vines, now as thick as trees, stand as a testament to the vineyard's careful cultivation.


But don't just take our word for it... Eric's dedication has earned Gauchezco some serious accolades. Their Reserve Malbec 2016 scored 92 points from American wine critic James Suckling, and the estate was featured in Master of Wine, Tim Atkin's 'Top 200 Argentinian Wine Producers Guide' for 2020.


Gauchezco's Dulce Natural Sparkling White Wine

Gauchezco's Dulce Natural Sparkling White Wine


Gauchezco's Dulce Natural sparkling white wine is a testament to the exceptional winemaking of the team at Gauchezco Estates. This subtly sweet sparkling wine is crafted with meticulous care, beautifully preserving the purity and true qualities of the grape.


What sets Dulce Natural apart is its enchanting bouquet of floral and citrus aromas. With every sip, a fresh and complex profile dances on the palate. The wine boasts a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, making it an ideal choice for warm summer evenings.


Whether you're gifting to say thank you, celebrate a milestone birthday, or simply to treat them to a moment of luxury, this stunning wine is the ideal tipple to help you spread joy this summer.


The Charcuterie & Fizz Hamper

The Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper - featuring Gauchezco's deliciously refreshing Dulce Natural Sparkling White Wine


Imagine gifting the perfect summer evening, carefully curated with artisanal snacks and refreshing wine, ready to share in the summer sun. Sounds good right? Enter our Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper, designed to do just that.


To complement the refreshing white wine, we've carefully curated a range of delectable savoury treats. The hamper features artisanal cured meats from Tempus Charcuterie, adding a touch of sophistication to any summer gathering.


We've also included a luxurious garlic, oregano and balsamic bread dipper oil, perfect for pairing with fresh bread. Not to mention, moorish truffle crisps and delicious olives round out the curated tasting selection.


Each item is hand-packed with love in a beautiful wicker hamper. Whether they're celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a serene summer evening, this hamper promises an unforgettable experience.


So why not bring some joy this summer and gift the Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper, today?




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