Drinks For Santa

Is there anything more exciting than leaving out a drink for Santa as you get ready for bed on Christmas Eve? But what do you leave?

In the UK, we leave Santa a wide variety of tipples. Some families leave a cold beer, some a traditional nip of sherry and others leave milk and cookies. We all have different festive traditions that we develop together.

All across Europe, and even the world, on Christmas Eve children will be leaving out treats to give Santa as he travels round the globe delivering gifts....from leaving brandy or Glühwein to delicious local sweet treats. This adds up to a lot of for old St Nic! If Santa Claus was to drink a glass of sherry or port in every house in the UK this Christmas, he would gain over 263 tonnes in weight – almost 22 double decker buses!

Explore our interactive map and find out what children leave out for Santa all across the world.  

Click the three dots in the lower right corner to view full screen.


This blog was posted 2019-11-04 11:25:00 .