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At, we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of alcohols, and our estate-bottled, luxury red wines are no exception. Whether your loved one is a seasoned enthusiast, or is just beginning their journey into the world of fine wines, our curated collection promises to bring joy to every occasion.


Today we're thrilled to introduce four exceptional red wines that embody the artistry and passion of their makers. Read on to discover more and find the perfect gift for the red wine aficionado in your life.


Las Carlinas Garnacha

Las Carlinas Old Vine Garnacha is the result of a collaboration between a specialist winery and winemaker Fernando Mora MW. Sourced from the DO Cariñena in Aragón, this region boasts the highest density of Garnacha vines in Spain, many of which are over 100 years old. Here, the Garnacha vine thrives in an extreme climate at over 700m altitude.


The Garnacha grow alongside a variety of wild plants, including the star-shaped Carlina thistle, which gives Las Carlinas its name. Furthermore, local communities traditionally pin the Carlina thistle on doors to ward off evil spirits, symbolising protection and strength.


The spirit of the Carlina thistle is reflected in this stunning red wine which offers a rich, robust flavour profile. This results in a luxurious red wine that is both powerful and nuanced.


This luxurious red wine features in our delicious Classic Red Wine & Cheese Gift Box. To pair perfectly with the luxury red wine, we've added a brandy and port infused Ruby Mist Cheddar from Snowdonia, ready to be served on black pepper crackers. It's the ideal way to bring joy to milestone birthdays, special anniversaries, or simply just because.


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Gauchezco Estate Malbec

This image shows Gauchezco Estate Malbec - a luxury red wine featured in  the Premium Food and Wine Hamper by


Gauchezco Estate Malbec, is a full-bodied red wine, renowned for its plump, dark fruit flavours and smoky finish. On the palate, this red wine is complex yet harmonious with a soft and velvety entry, firm tannins and an intense, deep red-purple colour.


The name Gauchezco draws inspiration from the term gaucho, describing the iconic Argentine cowboy who lives and breathes the land. Eric Anesi, the passionate owner of Gauchezco and a self-proclaimed ‘Colorado cowboy’, embodies this spirit to the core.


Surrounded by oak forests and housed in a barn that has witnessed decades of winemaking, Gauchezco maintains an artisanal approach. Each bottle is crafted without shortcuts, ensuring to remain true to grape. Eric proudly states, “We truly take what the vines give us – no lab approach – no chemical substitutes.” This dedication results in a Malbec that is both authentic and delicious.


To gift the taste of this exceptional Argentinian red wine, why not bring joy to their special day with the Luxury Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper? Inside, Gauchezco's luxury red wine is complemented delicious cheese's from Mouse House & The Snowdonia Cheese Company.


Paired perfectly with the wine and cheese is a box of award-winning sourdough crackers, delightful pork rillette and a sticky fig relish. Not to mention, they'll also find award-winning truffle nuts from our friends at Cambrook. This luxury wine hamper makes for the perfect gift to say thank you, or a celebrate a new home!


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Finca Amalia Rioja

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Made from 100% Tempranillo, this classic style Rioja sings with notes of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. A touch of delicate vanilla spice gives the wine delicate balance and beautiful depth of flavour. Its fresh and vibrant acidity makes it an ideal accompaniment to roast lamb or cured meats.


Finca Amalia Rioja is a testament to the timeless tradition of winemaking in the Rioja region. This luxurious red wine wine is elegant, flavourful, and perfect for sharing.


We've included this delicious Rioja alongside Gauchezco's Royal Road Malbec in our luxurious Red Wine Duo Gift Basket.


This stunning duo of wines is presented in a fantastic wicker carrier, making a sophisticated anniversary or thank you gift. 


Or, send the Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper to gift the perfect post-dinner treat. Inside, the luxurious Finca Amalia Rioja is paired wonderfully with rich Snowdonia Cheese, artisan created rillette and Rye & Charcoal Sourdough crackers.

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Royal Road Malbec

This image shows Gauchezco Estate Royal Road Malbec - a luxury red wine featured in Gift Hampers by


Royal Road is a fantastic bottle of 100%, estate-bottled Malbec from Argentina. This full-bodied red wine is known for its plump, dark fruit flavours and smoky finish. Made by the award-winning Gauchezco Estates, the team has created a quality wine which is true to grape and it's best qualities.


The Royal Road Malbec is a celebration of authentic flavours, reflecting the dedication and expertise of its makers. It is a wine that promises to enhance any meal or occasion with its rich, robust character.


This luxury red wine takes its name from the historical highway leading from Santiago to Chile. This storied highway cuts directly through the Gauchezco Estate, and was a famous route for bandits and thieves of the 17th Century.


According to legend, a group of bandits pursued along the famous route hurriedly buried their treasures in the Gauchezco Estate…


Of course, Eric and the Gauchezco team have always been extra careful when working on their land to look out for signs of the buried treasure. However, at the time of writing, the treasure is still yet to be discovered...


To gift a taste of this luxury red wine, why not try the Gourmet Food & Wine Hamper? We've paired the wine perfectly with some delightful treats and snacks, from crackers with roquefort and a bag of hickory smoked almonds to Island Bakery's oat crumbles, a rich fruit cake and handmade salted caramel fudge.


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