Perfect excuses for a belated birthday gift

Whose birthday did you forget? Are you in big trouble and it’ll never to be forgotten, or is it an easily smoothed over situation?

Whichever it may be, here at, we also have next day delivery available across all of our hampers – perfect for belated birthday gifts. Order now and the problem will be solved in less than 24 hours!

Every hamper comes with a personalised gift message to accompany the delivery…so to help you further we’ve come up with some great reasons (or excuses!) for you to use.

Choose one and with a simple apology and a great gift of delicious sweet and savoury treats, alongside their favourite tipple, all will be forgiven. Check out our large gift range here.

Excuses for a forgetting a birthday

We have put our heads together and come up with 10 explanations for you to use for forgetting a loved one’s birthday or a friend’s special day. With a birthday hamper or luxury gift box of their favourites, it’s sure to bring a smile and all will be forgiven.

Start your message with a simple ‘Belated Happy Birthday Greetings – sorry it’s late but… ‘ then choose from the perfect excuses below:


Life is about forgiving and forgetting!

I didn’t exactly forget…I just wanted your special day to last a bit longer – honest!

I prefer to be fashionably late…I just can’t help being on trend!

I didn’t want everyone else to overshadow my amazing present!

I only forget my favourite people’s birthdays…If I remember, it’s a bad sign.

I was out fighting crime …I’m actually a superhero…but you can’t tell anyone.

I figured your birthday celebrations are more of a month-long thing.

You’re so amazing it just took me too long to choose the perfect gift…but I’ve found it now

If Facebook doesn’t alert me, I can't be expected to remember!

#worstfriendever #forgiveme #belatedgiftsarebetter

Saved by next day delivery

Whatever the excuse, remember that have got you covered with next day delivery (as well as free UK delivery) too, so any crisis will be averted in no time.  ...just don't forget again next year!

You’re welcome!


This blog was posted 2 years ago