How To Repurpose A Wicker Basket, Hamper Or A Gift Box

Open and empty wicker basket with lid on wooden floor


At, we are very proud of the work we are doing to ensure our gifts are environmentally responsible and net carbon neutral.

 Whilst we are doing everything we can to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, we also want to support you to do the same.

We have come up with a range of ways that you and your gift recipients can repurpose and re-use the boxes and basket that our hand curated hampers are packaged in.

Don’t just chuck it out once you’ve enjoyed the delicious contents… let us inspire you to make good use or even a statement addition in your home.



Reusable gift wrapping and packaging

We make responsible choices when it comes to our packaging. All of our boxes for posting are full recyclable, as well as being sturdy if you wish to reuse them for storage or postage too, or even moving house.

In addition, we aim to ensure all of our internal protective packaging, such as shredded paper or tissue paper can be recycled too. Plus, these can be reused too for your own gifts and their wrapping too.

We also have some inventive ideas of what to do with our signature cream gift boxes, our open baskets and our lidded wicker baskets – turning our hampers into two gifts in one!

If you know an eco-conscious person you’ll be sending a hamper to, then make sure you share this post with them as well. It’s full of ideas for reusing hampers and getting the most out of our earth-friendly packaging. 


What to do with our signature cream gift boxes signature cream gift box

Have you seen our signature cream gift boxes? They have been chosen not only to impress but also to make them more reusable for the gift recipient.

For storage

Our gorgeous boxes are designed to be subtle and sophisticated. It's a box that won’t look out of place on a shelf, let alone in a cupboard.

The sturdy boxes are really useful for storing decorations, jewellery, accessories, toys and small items of clothing.

For keepsakes

For a special event, wedding, new baby or special birthday, our signature cream boxes make the perfect keepsake box.

Easy to decorate and solid enough to protect precious items, they are perfect for collating special cards, photographs and mementos.

For wrapping awkward shapes

At Christmas, on birthdays or any other gifting occasion, there’s always that awkwardly shaped gift that is difficult to wrap neatly.

If your gift is delicate or fragile, then wrapping it inside a solid gift box is also a very good idea, especially if you need to post it.

Reuse one of our signature gift boxes to ensure your chosen item (no matter if it is pointy, round or a cumbersome shape) is wrapped beautifully and safe from damage.


What to do with our wicker baskets or bamboo trays

Basket with towels being stored in and word 'beautiful' and 'reusable'

For towels and toiletries

Create a welcoming ‘hotel inspired’ feel for visiting guests with our wicker basket or bamboo tray hamper packaging. For example, neatly fold towels, flannels and individual toiletries in your sustainable tray, for presentation in your guest’s room.

They are perfect for bathroom storage too.

For plants

Why not use your wicker basket to hold a variety of potted plants?

This will work fantastically well in your spare room, dining room or kitchen, particularly where the room receives moderate levels of natural light and is fairly spacious.

A flowering wicker basket will definitely make for a beautiful, country-inspired, ornamental statement to your home.

For organisation

Do you have ‘that’ drawer or sideboard where everything and anything gets put? The ‘I don’t know where this belongs’ random collection area?

Why not use one of our wicker trays to help organise your home.

You can store kitchen utensils in a wicker basket on the side, within a deep drawer or inside a cupboard. It will be a fantastic addition to a kitchen that is may be lacking in drawers and/or cupboard space, keeping kitchen utensils together in a safe place and with plenty of space inside.

As the wicker originally came to you filled with delicious treats, why not continue using it as your goodie basket, hidden away in one of your kitchen cupboards?

You can also pop a tray in your wardrobe, drawers or under the bed to help segment items of smaller clothing and to store accessories, as well as make up or bags.

Finally, our trays are also a great addition to a home office, including for papers, for stationery or as an in-tray.


What to do our wicker baskets with lids and buckles

For a picnic basket

There really is nothing better, particularly during the summer months than going for a picnic at the beach, down the park, or just in the garden.

Picnics are a popular summer activity for adults and children alike and a wicker basket is the perfect container for your sandwiches, nibbles and drinks.

All you need to do is simply line your wicker basket with a picnic blanket and fill it with your favourite picnic snacks.

For the living room

The larger baskets look delightful in a lounge or living room, adding texture in your home, in an eco friendly way.

They are perfect for storing blankets or throws, ready for cosy winter evenings in. Or perhaps for paper and kindling, ready to light the fire place or wood burner.

You can also store magazines, coffee table books and newspapers too. 

Keep your living room tidy and stylish with ease.

For protection or transportation

The sturdy design of the lidded wicker baskets also makes them perfect for larger items. For shoe storage, for example. Or to offer added protection, as well as plenty of space for delicate items such as vases, photo frames or ornaments that you no longer wish to display.

They can also be used in the back or boot of your car. Store your dog's leads, frisbees and balls, or perhaps your walking boots in it, to avoid making the boot dirty.

Pop in items that you don’t want to roll around or wish to store long term, such as a spare picnic blanket, boots or a small umbrella.

Plus, these baskets are great for gathering up a number of items in one sturdy container to transport and deliver to another place. Easy to carry and keep level.



Small sustainable choices adding up to make a big difference

Once the hamper's contents have been enjoyed, make the most of the high-quality packaging, boxes and baskets - far too good to simply throw away.

Be inspired by our ideas above, but also be inventive and come up with your own ideas, we’d love to hear about them.

Share your ideas and picture of how you are reusing your gift boxes and baskets with us via Instagram.

Remember to tag @hamperscom.


This blog was posted 6 months ago