Wedding Gifts for Couples

Attending a wedding with no gift list? Looking for a special wedding gift for a very special couple....but no idea where to start? Wedding not far away...emergency gift required?

Whatever the scenario, there is no need to panic.

We have an excellent list of recommendations for the perfect wedding gifts for couples.

Explore our top 5 below and see our full range here:


Wedding Gifts


For the classy couple a classic wedding gift

Champagne & Belgian Chocolate Hamper

Champagne & Belgian Chocolates Hamper with contents on display
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For a couple that ooze class, you can't go wrong with a classic combination when it comes too choosing a wedding gift for them. 

Our Champagne and Belgian Chocolate Hamper is a gorgeous wedding gift, especially for a work colleague's wedding or an extended family member. 

The Belgian chocolates are truly divine, in an assortment of flavours. The French Champagne has a really unique flavour - made from black grapes. It's a very special bottle of fizz for the newly married couple to enjoy together.

For a summer wedding celebration

Summer Sharing Delights Hamper

 Summer Sharing Delights Hamper with contents on display
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The Summer Sharing Hamper is perfect for the couple who love to party and to entertain. Whether it's a party for two, following their special day, or a post-wedding gathering, The Summer Sharing Delights Hamper offers a great selection to enjoy together as a newly married couple.

There are craft beers, pre-mixed cocktails and an Elderflower presse to drink.

In addition, there is an incredible range of savoury snacks, incuding nuts, pickles and snacking cheese - yes, that's a thing!

Plus, handbaked crisps, Tandoor chili grain chips and olives.

It's a summer celebration in a hamper.


A wedding gift with honeymoon vibes

Aperol Spritz Hamper

Aperol Spritz Hamper with contents on display
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We adore an Aperol Spritz, especially on holiday! If you are looking for a wedding gift for a couple who are heading off to get some sunshine on their honeymoon, why not pick gift featuring their favourite cocktail?

It's got everything they need to make the perfect Aperol Spritz, including the finest soda water. 

They can take this perfectly proportioned gift box with them or enjoy it's delights on return from their honeymoon trip.

A wedding gift to savour

Gourmet Cheese & Wine Gift
Gourmet Cheese and Wine Gift Box with contents on display
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This is a very special red wine and cheese hamper - it's a feast in a box. 

The Gourmet Cheese and Wine Hamper features a full bodied, rich Royal Road Malbec and a creamy vintage cheddar from The Mouse House.

The cheese pairs perfectly with the sourdough crackers and fresh chilli jam, pllus there are more-ish rosemary and garlic olives.

This is such a lovely wedding gift for a couple to truly savour and enjoy together during a quiet evening in, now the hectic days of wedding preparation are over.


For the couple who love flavour

Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper

Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper with contents on display
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This is one of our absolute favourite new hampers. The Sparkling Wine & Charcuterie Hamper offers such a wonderful mix of flavours and foods - any couple will love to try.

It's the perfect wedding gift thanks to be packed in a wonderful lidded wicker basket. The basket itself, once emptied, is the ideal storage solution for all of those special wedding keepsakes. 

The couple will also just love the exuse to set aside some time to have a special picnic or afternoon charcuterie board experience.

They can also celebrate their new life together with a brand new taste experience - the delightful, sweet sparkling wine all the way from the Gauchezco Winery & Vineyard in Argentina. It is has floral and citrus aromas that pair perfectly with the meats, olive and bread dipper too.


The best wedding gifts for couples

It can be really difficult choosing the ideal wedding gifts for couple. You need to find a gift you know that they will both love. You want something to really mark the importance of their special day. 

We really hope one of our 5 wedding gift ideas above has helped you, but if you are still looking, then do explore our full range of wedding gifts here:


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And, for the difficult to buy for couples, we also have a whole list of recommendations here:


Wedding gifts for the couple that has everything






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