A Guide to Retirement Gifts


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Do you have an employee or long-term client who is soon retiring?

Are you look for a thoughtful retirement gift?

Do you want something that truly reflects their role in the company or for your business?

A hamper is the perfect retirement gift. There is such a wide range to choose from, which can reflect their personality, hobbies and tastes.

Below, you will find some help with what to consider when choosing the perfect retirement gift, as well as a selection of six hampers to inspire your choice.



How to select retirements gifts for your employees or clients

When choosing a retirement gift, it is time to think about the next chapter in the person’s life. What will they be doing once they finish work?

You can choose something for their home – helping them to settle in to a new, more relaxed routine and spending more time there.

They may be planning lots of travels, new activities or visits to new places, to see friends and family more often. What would suit this new way of life?

Importantly, as an employee or clients, it is nice to send them off with something that they will truly appreciate – a retirement gift that shows your appreciation, and in return, makes them a lifelong advocate of your company, business or organisation because of they way they were valued right to the end of their employment.


What to consider when choosing a retirement gift

There are a number of factors which may influence the type of retirement gift that you choose.

Consider what will be really appreciated by the person who is leaving. Put the individual first. Think:

  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • Is there a food or drink item you know they really love?
  • Do they enjoy trying new things? Do they have traditional favourites?
  • Do you want to really spoil them with a broad selection?

There may also be some more practical considerations. For example, do they have any dietary preferences or requirements, e.g. alcohol free or vegan?

Also, from a corporate perspective, there may be budget considerations. Do consider:

  • Is the gift being bought on behalf of the company?
  • Will there be a collection or donations from the retiree’s colleagues or team?
  • How long has the individual retiring been part of the business or worked with your organisation?
  • Does this or any other factors influence the spend?

With all of this taken in to consideration, you will have a good idea of the type of hamper or gift box that will make the perfect retirement gift.  At hampers.com, we have a truly broad range to suit all food preferences and budgets too.


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6 Retirement Gift Hamper Suggestions

Explore our six recommendation of retirement gift hampers for your employee or client. Wish them well for their next chapter.

Prestige Food & Wine Hamper

The prestige food & wine hamper with contents on display

For a truly prestigious retirement gift, take a closer look at the array of contents in our Prestige Food and Wine Hamper.

This hamper features a selection of savoury items and sweet treats, but also bottles of the finest Malbec red wine and French Champagne.

The wicker basket also makes the perfect keepsake as reminder of many happy years of employment.

This is a hamper that can be enjoyed with family and friends as part of the individual’s retirement celebrations – a statement gift.


Premium Whisky & Food Gift Basket

Premium whisky & food gift basket with contents on display

Does your employee or client enjoy a glass of whisky at the end of the working week? With more time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life, why not choose for them our Premium Whisky & Food Gift Basket?

It features a bottle of 12-year old DoubleWood Single malt Scotch Whisky to really show them how much they have meant to the business, as well as a number of complementary treats, including a Whisky Dundee cake, fragrant rosemary and olive oil crackers and award-winning mature cheddar cheese.


Champagne & Truffles Gift Box

Champagne & Truffles Hamper with contents on display
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A toast to retirement! Present this sophisticated Champagne retirement gift as a real sign of appreciation for their hard work and commitment.

The Champagne and Truffles Hamper is simple, yet meaningful.

The wonderful bottle of Champagen is stemmed entirely from black grapes amd has a fresh and light taste. The mix of truffles are exquisite with a wide range of flavours to enjoy.


The Classic Alcohol Free Hamper

Classic Alcohol Free Hamper with contents on display including wicker basket
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If you want a luxurious gift which is non-alcoholic, The Classic Alcohol Free Hamper  is a really lovely retirement gift, without compromise.

Presented in a wicker-lidded basket (perfect for future use on picnics and for al fresco dining), the hamper contains a bottle of delicious sparkling elderflower from Belvoir Farm, which tastes divine.

Plus, there are further sweet and savoury treats to enjoy, including olives and crackers, alongside handmade chocolate and rhubarb & custard sweets.

For other dietary requirement, you can also explore our collections of vegan and plant-based hampers and gluten free gifts.


Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper

Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper with contents on display
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With retirement, we hope it brings a chance for your employee or client to slow down and take it a little easier.

Why not encourage a future full of quieter afternoons or post-dinner treats with our Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper. It’s perfect for the person who loves to try something new.

The Rioja is exquisite, the cheddar is delicious and the Cornish pork rillette on crackers is divine.

For a slightly bigger budget, there is also the Luxury Wine, Cheese and Rilette Hamper, which includes olives and relish too.


Garden Tea Break Hamper

Garden Tea Break Hamper with contents on display
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It may be a bit of a cliché but gardening gifts for retirement are hugely popular. Stepping away from the traditional 9-5 or an all consuming shift work role is the ideal chance for your employee or client to spend more time doing exactly what they love.

If they love spending time in the garden, then our Garden Tea Break Hamper  is the perfect complementary accompaniment.

Indulge their hobby and passion for gardening with this truly thoughtful retirement gift, reflecting how well you know them and what they enjoy outside of the workplace.

The hamper has all the ingredients for the perfect afternoon tea break, including teabags, baked apple and custard biscuits, and a wonderful Dundee Cake.

The handmade hand cream, scented candle and wild flower seeds make this so much more than a traditional food hamper and into a really special gift.


Choosing a retirement gift they’ll truly appreciate

We hope we have inspired you with our guide to retirement gifts and selection of hamper recommendations.

Remember with hampers.com, we offer free UK delivery and can arrange for delivery to the workplace or home address, with a personalised note to thank the individual for their service and dedication to your company. For more retirement gifts ideas, make sure you explore our specially curated range too. 


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