Summer Hamper Date Ideas

Our new summer hamper range has got us feeling all romantic and excited about spending some really special time with loved ones, during the warmer months.

Grab a picnic blanket, a brolly (great for sun and rain protection) and a summer hamper full of your favourite treats…and plan the perfect date for your partner.


5 picnic date ideas and their perfect summer hamper match

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or something is just blossoming, make the time and effort to plan a delightful date. It will always be truly appreciated. It shows how much you care and how thoughtful you can be. It’s also really nice to mix things up, once in a while.

So, let us inspire you with 5 special Summer hamper date ideas, inspired by our new range.


Relax in beautiful surroundings – a short staycation, a beauty spot visit and the perfect picnic

In the hustle and bustle of working life, it’s difficult to make time to soak in the natural beauty around us. Why not make your date a ‘proper pause’ from day-to-day routine and book a one-night stay at a local hotel in the countryside?

If it has beautiful grounds, even better! If not, visit the local park, woodland or forest..spending time in nature and close to trees is so beneficial and can be a romantic setting on a warm sunny day, relaxing in the shade.

Importantly, don’t forget a delicious picnic that you can enjoy from lunch to the early evening.

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Summer hamper match:

You just have to have a quaint and traditional picnic basket on a romantic date. Take a look at our Summer Prosecco Picnic Hamper. It's fully equipped with cutlery and plates, as well as an array of sweet and savoury treats. See also our Champagne Celebration Picnic Basket - the perfect gift for a very special date, perhaps a significant birthday, an anniversary...or a proposal!




Head to the beach – sun, sand and summer drinks

If you are lucky enough to live near the coast (or feel happy to take a day trip), then head to a beach this summer, with a hamper full of treats. Try to find a romantic, sheltered spot, away from the crowds.

Have you ever sat together to watch the sunrise? Getting up early to make the most of the quiet time, listening to the waves, as the sunrises is really special. 

Or if you are a night owl, you could head down to the beach just as the crowds are starting to disperse.  Enjoy the warm late afternoon sunshine with something special to drink...and spend the evening just relaxing, chatting and reminiscing, then waiting for the special sight of the sun setting on your memorable date.


Summer hamper match:

Bring the Caribbean to you with The Aloha Summer Cocktail Hamper - you have to check out this incredible tropical spirit.

Or, is Aperol Spritz more your style? Have you enjoyed a long weekend on the coast of Italy, France or Spain…bring back the beach bar vibes from warmer coastlines on the continent with this refreshing spritz. You will find everything you need in our Aperol Spritz Hamper.



Get active - Bike ride or nature walk, followed by delicious treats

If sitting around isn’t your thing, then why not try a more active date? You could go for a bike ride together or a longer walk or hike. In the UK, we have some of the best spots for enjoying long walks, as well as safe spaces for off-road cycling.

It’s a great chance to enjoy the greener parts of our country, without the need for a car too. We love an environmental date idea!


Summer hamper match: 

After a bit of exercise, why not reward your date with a lovely afternoon cream tea? With all of the trimmings ready and waiting (just don't forget the flask of hot water and milk), purchase our summer-inspired Luxury Cream Tea Gift Hamper.

We also have our Prosecco Duo & Wicker Chiller Carrier. Once fully rehydrated, you and your partner can toast to your relationship as well as your miles covered with a well-deserved glass of Italian Prosecco. The stylish wicker basket is insulated, so you can be sure that even on a hot day, or if the chiller is waiting for you both back at the car, your fizz remains perfectly chilled.



Watch the professionals – Summer sports viewing with sensational snacks

Summer 2024 is packed full of incredible sports! If appreciating sport together, rather than actively taking part, is more your idea of an ideal summer date, then you are in for a treat.

We have the Euros 2024 for the football fans, in June. We also have the Paris Olympics starting at the end of July, followed by the Paralympics.  Plus, there are the T-20 Cricket World Cups, Wimbledon fortnight, as well as the Tour de France.

So, take a look at a sporting calendar and choose the perfect place to watch an iconic sporting match or event together this summer. Your perfect date could be cosy in front of your TV or go all out and set up an outdoor cinema-style experience.

Enhance any significant date watching a sporting event with a range of snacks and beverages to make it a really special occasion…even if it is a nail-biting final... (or just the local village cricket match derby!).


Summer hamper match: 

Nothing says summer sports, like Wimbledon, Henley or a professional cricket match, like a jug of Pimm's. Bring this classy drink to your summer date with our specially curated British Pimm's Summer Hamper. With both Pimm's and lemonade, ready to mix, there is also a range of sweet treats, including strawberry cheesecake cookies and a lemon drizzle flapjack. 

To quell the munchies, whilst not having to move a muscle during your date, explore our Summer Sharing Delights Hamper. You won't have to miss a moment of the action, with beers, ready-mixed cocktails, sparkling elderflower and a range of sensational snacks to enjoy.

Make your sporting fixture summer date an event to remember.


Enjoy the night sky - Late-night stargazing with a sharing platter

If you are lucky you may just see the northern lights again over the UK this summer, but if not, on a cloudless night there is already so much beauty to enjoy.

Enjoying the summer evenings is special, especially when camping or simply in your garden, under a blanket or two, snuggled together and admiring the view.

If you can, take your date to one of the UK's amazing National Parks and enjoy the dark sky reserves … for some of the best views of the starlit night sky.


Summer hamper match: 

If you are staying up late, then some extra special nibbles are a must for any summer date.

Either of our new charcuterie hampers is perfect for a ready-made late-night picnic or midnight snack. The British Charcuterie Tasting Hamper features cheese and crackers too.

For a significant occasion, see our very special Charcuterie and Fizz Hamper in a gorgeous wicker hamper. It features a bottle of Argentinian sparkling wine, something new to try together. Plus there is a platter of cured meats, olives, crisps and nuts too.



Find your perfect match in our summer hamper range

We hope you love our summer hamper date ideas.

Make sure you check out our full picnic and summer hamper range. Whatever you decide to do together, find an extra special selection of gourmet and artisan treats to accompany your summer date.


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