Serving Aperol Spritz and other great summer drink ideas

Do we dare to believe summer is finally here? It is time to enjoy some of our favourite sunshine-inspired drinks, no matter the weather.

Our drink of choice has to be an Aperol Spritz at the moment, especially on a warm day.  We have an amazing new hamper - a great gift for summer birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.

If Aperol is not to your taste or that of your chosen gift recipient, then do not worry. We also have some other great summer cocktails and refreshing drinks to share with you, that have inspired our fantastic new summer and picnic hamper range. 


Aperol Spritz - sunshine in a glass

We adore the delicious taste of Aperol Spritz. It's not too sweet, but completely refreshing, especially on a hot sunny day. 

Our brand new Aperol Spritz Hamper offers you everything you need to make this very special summer drink.

Introducing Aperol

In the gorgeous gift box, you will find a whole bottle of Aperol. It is a bright orange, classic Italian bitter apéritif. It is made of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, among other ingredients.

Did you know....? Aperol's name comes from the French slang word for an aperitif, which is 'apero'.

How to make an Aperol Spritz

Alongside a measure of Aperol - you need three more ingredients to make a delicious Aperol Spritz. The first is an excellent Italian Prosecco. The second is high-quality soda water. And the third is a slice of orange. 

Mix the Prosecco and Aperol to create a delightful fizz, then add a touch of soda water to dilute the alcohol just enough to make this a refreshing long drink. Add plenty of ice, as well as a good wedge of orange. The citrus flavour brings out the raft of flavours in the Aperol. 

Why a spritz is a great summer drink

A spritz is a great summer drink because it is served cold and the addition of soda water (or you can use tonic, if you prefer) makes it a 'long drink', rather than something too strong or dehydrating.

Aperol Spritz is not the only type of spritz to try. There are a wide range of different types of spritz - commonly served as an aperitif in Italy. They all consist of Italian Prosecco and soda water, but then a variety of different bitters or liqueurs can be added, such as Campari.

Pimm's - Synonymous with summer

If Aperol Spritz doesn't appeal to you or you are looking for a little variety at an upcoming picnic or summer party, then what about offering a traditional jug of Pimm's?

Learn all about how to make the Perfect Pimm's here > 

We have most of what you will need in our British Pimm's Summer Hamper. It comes with a whole bottle of Pimm's No. 1, as well as lemonade. Plus there are some sweet treats to indulge in too. Perfect for a summer celebration.

Aloha 65 - A holiday in a bottle

If Aperol Spritz reminds you of being on holiday - perhaps a recent trip to the continent...then, this next drink will transport you to somewhere a little more exotic...!

Aloha 65 is a unique all-natural, botanical spirit made from a carefully selected combination of fresh fruit, herbs and spices. Like gin, it starts as a neutral grain spirit, but rather than being distilled, it is infused with special raw botanicals including fresh pineapple, ginger and scotch bonnet chilli. ...anyone else thinking about the Caribbean or the Bahamas now?

With a choice of mixers, from ginger ale to tonic, to cola to coconut milk, you can make an array of fantastic cocktails which will transport you and your guests to an exotic paradise!

Who do you know who has a summer birthday or a celebratory garden party coming up? Explore The Aloha Summer Cocktail Hamper - it's the perfect gift with an exotic twist.


Fancy an Aperol Spritz now...or something else?

It's time to choose your summer-inspired drink of choice

Looking for a gift or a summer treat just for you? We hope you have loved our summer drinks selection of ideas.

With our selection of sunshine-inspired drinks hampers and cocktail gift sets, there is so much to try and enjoy with friends and family this summer:

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