Birthday Ideas for Dad


Family gathered around dad with a birthday cake

Trying to think of the perfect birthday gift for your dad?

Do your requests for suggestions often get greeted with “I don’t need anything!”?

Whilst that’s sweet, we all know it’s not very helpful!

Not to worry though, as here at, we’ve been thinking about those hard-to-buy-for dads and have come up with a selection of recommendations based on what you know your dad will love.

Whether it’s a special milstone birthday… 40th, 50th, 60th or more… or simply another year of wanting to show your dad that he’s no. 1 – explore our wide range of gifts that will bring pure delight. 


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Why choosing the perfect gift for dad’s birthday is important

We all know that many parents sacrifice a lot for their children. We come first.

Many dads are hard-working, committed and generous.

His birthday (and don’t forget Father’s Day too) is the perfect time to show him how much you love and appreciate what he does for you and your family.

Is your dad always there to fix things? Has he always been the best and most reliable ‘dad taxi’? Is he now a fantastic grandfather and babysitter?

His birthday is a great occasion to not only send a gift which is meaningful and thoughtful, but also shows how well you know him – his personality, his interests and his favourite food and drink too.

Choose a special gift, just for him.



Gifts for dad on his special milestone birthday

Is your dad celebrating a special milestone birthday this year? Would you like some inspiring birthday gift ideas?

See below for a hand-selected recommendation for 40th, 50th and 60th birthday hampers…all featuring a wonderful bottle of Champagne to celebrate this important occasion in your father’s life. Let's get ready to toast!


40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Luxury Champagne & Glasses Gift Box with contents and flutes of Champagne on display


A milestone birthday gift just has to include some Champagne to toast the turning of the decade.

Our Grand Cru Champagne and Glasses Gift is a stunning keepsake 40th birthday gift for him.

It includes not only a bottle of luxury French Champagne Autréau Grand Cru, but matching flutes that enhance every sip.

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

 Luxury Champagne & Red Wine Hamper with contents on display


Does your dad enjoy both a glass of fizz, as well as appreciating a smooth and warming red wine?

Celebrate his 50th birthday in style with our stand out Luxury Champagne and Red Wine Hamper, featuring a bottle of exquisite Autréau Grand Cru and an elegant St Émilion.

The handpicked bottles are presented in a gorgeous storage basket with a handle, which can be used again and again – the ideal 50th birthday gift for him. 

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60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

The Regency Hamper with full contents on display - a large range of food and drink products

When it comes to a 60th birthday celebration, then it’s definitely time to get dad’s friends and family together.

Spoil your father on this special day with a huge selection of his favourite sweet and savoury items with The Regency Hamper.

The wicker basket is packed to the brim with not only delightful beverages, but also biscuits, crisps, nuts, cheese and more – a true feast and the perfect 60th birthday gift for him. 

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Gifts for when you can’t be with dad on his birthday

With families of our own, work commitments or living away from our childhood home, it is not always possible to be with your father on his birthday.

Just because you can’t be together on his special day, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate.

If possible, a fun video message, video call, virtual quiz, online experience, or even a traditional phone call should always be part of his birthday celebrations, when you can’t be together on the day.

You can also arrange delivery of a special gift, such as a hamper, direct to dad’s door.

Choose a selection you know he will love and can completely indulge in, whilst relaxing in his favourite chair…all to himself.

You can include your very own gift message – write something meaningful and special – and name a delivery date to ensure it arrives just in time.

At, we also offer international delivery – so you can order from abroad to the UK or from the UK to a number of locations.

No dad should miss out on his birthday – so let us help you choose the perfect gift.

Read on for more gift inspiration and hamper ideas…

Birthday ideas based on what dad loves best

Take a moment and have a think about what you know you dad absolutely loves.

What does he like to do?

How does he relax?

What will bring the broadest smile to his face?

Whether it’s a family gathering or a quieter affair, what will add to his perfect day?

Below, we have a range of hampers based on dad’s possible favourite tipple, as well as some classic combination for the foodie dads too. 


Rum Hampers

Tropical Cocktail Hamper with contents on display


Is a classic rum and coke a favourite drink of your dads?

Why not ‘spice’ it up a little for his upcoming birthday with one of our rum hampers from our Spirits and Cocktails Collection.

The Rum and Treats Hamper is the perfect ‘something a little extra’ for dad’s birthday this year. It includes ready-mixed cans of the best tasting rum and cola, alongside the finest dark chocolate and gourmet popcorn.

Or for something different...

Does your dad love a cruise? Or perhaps the Caribbean sun is just his thing?

Give him his very own tropical treat – especially if he loves to try something new! Our Tropical Cocktail Hamper includes a bottle of Aloha 65, a rum-inspired spirit infused with fresh pineapple, lemon and ginger. To add to the summer-time, tropical experience, there’s also a Mama Brown’s Pineapple Rum Cake too. 

Sounds like a ready-made birthday party in a box to us!

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Whiskey Hampers

Premium Whiskey and Food Basket with contents on display


For the whiskey or whisky connoisseur (trust us he’ll know the difference), we have a lovely range of keepsake birthday gifts.

Our Spirit Hampers Range, once again, includes a lovely, hand-curated selection of some fine malt whisky from Scotland, as well as premium blended whiskey from Ireland. Choose one that you know dad will really love.

One of our favourites (although we love them all equally…just like dad and all his children…!) has to be the Premium Whisky and Food Gift Basket, thanks to it’s wonderful combination of Scotch paired with cheese, crackers and a whole almond-topped Dundee Cake....the perfect birthday cake!

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Beer Hampers

Happy Birthday Beer Hamper with contents on display


Another birthday…just another beer gift? Not this year!

Choose something truly unique for dad’s birthday. Whilst you know he loves a pint, why not select a birthday beer hamper that offers something a little extra?

We have Beer Hampers which include craft beers, real ale and lager.

To complement his favourite type of beer, you then have a wide choice of delicious accompaniments from cheese to chocolate and beyond.

As a great example, the Happy Birthday Beer Hamper includes three bottles of Freedom Craft beers, as well as a ‘happy birthday’ emblazoned chocolate bar.

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Cheese Hampers

Cheese and Nibbles Gift with contents on display


We’ve done birthday beverages, so now let’s explore some foodie favourites.

Is your dad a bit of a turophile – an absolute cheese lover!

Add something a little special to the cheese board on his birthday this year with one of our delicious Cheese Hampers.

There’s so many to choose from and paired with port, red wine, cider, beer or fizz too.

There are also alcohol-free alternatives, including the little Cheese and Nibbles Gift Set which includes a truckle of Snowdonia Red Storm - a smooth cheese with a hint of caramel…and name that sounds like a super hero!

Treat your dad…your very own superhero to this lovely hamper on his birthday.

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Cooking Hampers

BBQ Heroes gift box with contents on display


Lastly, here are some recommendation for your foodie father who loves to cook.

Is your dad ‘King of the Grill’? Does he adore being in charge of the BBQ….even if everything ends up a little more chargrilled than you’d like it?!

Or perhaps, he’s top chef in the family kitchen – always experimenting with new flavours and whipping up new culinary delights for you all to try.

Wherever dad’s cooking skills lay, we have some lovely cookery-inspired hampers for you to explore for his birthday gift.

For a summer birthday, the BBQ Heroes Gift Box features a wonderful combination of sauces and rubs to enhance dad’s carefully-selected barbeque meat choices, with beer and classic pub snacks to keep him company whilst he builds that fire or flame grills his favourites.

For dad’s who love to cook, we also have a couple of delightful Cookery Hampers from TV chef and author, Celia Brooks.

They contain a selection of beautiful components, which complement and enhance a wide variety of classic dishes. There’s even a recipe book to inspire dad’s next dinner party creations. 


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Birthday hampers for him

We adore birthdays. We adore creating highly desired birthday gifts. We adore selecting the perfect birthday combination for very important dads.

From our selection above, we hope you find something that your father can truly enjoy and will bring delight to his door step.

Remember with free UK delivery, it is easy to order online and ensure that dad’s birthday gift will arrive on time for his special celebrations.


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Happy Birthday Hamper with contents on display
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