Cheese Pairing Tips for the Ultimate Cheese Lover

National Cheese Lover's Day might be in January...but here at, every day is 'Love Cheese Day'. We just can't get enough of it!

To share our adoration and expertise, we have pulled together five top cheese pairing tips, both drinks and other foods, to take your enjoyment of cheese to a whole other level.

Let our expert cheese connoisseurs guide and inspire...



A Cheese Lover's Guide to Pairing Cheese - 5 top tips


Tip 1: Match strength

Pair milder cheeses with light complements and stronger cheeses with bold flavours. This includes both strength of taste and aroma. You don't want to overwhelm either the cheese or your chosen pairing.

For example, pair a mild Brie with a light-bodied white.

But, choose to pair a delightfully pungent blue Stilton with an equally rich fortified wine, such as a vintage port.


Port, stilton, cheese board and crackers



Tip 2: Consider texture

There is such a wide variety of cheeses - there are so many flavours to choose from and also so many textures.

We discussed drink pairing above, but also don't forget food pairing too.

Creamy, softer cheeses, such as Camembert or goat's cheese find their perfect match with the delightful crunch of nuts or crusty rustic bread. It's an opposite-attract-attract scenario!

Meanwhile, hard cheeses like aged cheddar or red Leicester shine alongside melt-in-your-mouth crackers and soft rolls. As well as fruity and soft jams and chutney.


Cheese with a cracker tomato and basil


Tip 3: Play with sweet additions to savoury flavours

We often think of cheese as part of a savoury dish. Or, the savoury course at the end of the meal.

However, this doesn't mean that cheese can't pair well with very sweet additions or savoury pairing options.

It's best to experiment with a full expanse of sweet and savoury combinations to create a harmonising joy-filled taste.

Try pairing salty cheeses, like feta, with a sweet Port wine or some fruit. Italian pecorino also goes incredibly well with sweet flavoursome honey.


Feta salad with sweet Port wine



Tip 4: Pair other cheeses with complementary not 'matching' cheeses

One type of cheese is never enough...wouldn't you agree?

For a wonderful exploration of flavour, think about complementary cheeses, when it comes to preparing your cheese board or cheese course.

Start with texture. This means having a trio of one hard cheese, one crumbly and one soft. Then think about aromas - do you want all nutty or fruitier flavours or do you want to go with very contrasting tastes and flavours? Just ensure one cheese won't completely overpower the rest.


Camembert cheese with walnuts and relish


Tip 5 - Discover the magic of a flavour bridge

Flavour bridges are the secret ingredients you can use to create a deeper, more delightful connection between cheese and your favourite food or drink. Moving from a pairing to a trio, you will find a range of new taste experiences.

For example, honey is a perfect flavour bridge that elevates the salty, briny feta and sweet port wine pairing.


Honey being poured over feta, next to a glass of Port


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