Father's Day Cider and Cheese Hamper - a West Country Classic

We are delighted to bring you a total revamp of our classic Cider and Cheese Hamper, ready just in time for Father’s Day.

In this blog, we introduce you to all of the exciting new elements - from classics to brand-new taste sensations. 

If your dad loves a cold glass of cider and an extra special cheese to pair with it, then this is the perfect gift - for Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more.


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The cider

Perry's Barn Owl Farmhouse Cider & Perry's Heron Single Orchard Cider


Close up of the two Perry's ciders in the Cider and Cheese Hamper


The star of this hamper has to be the two gorgeously designed bottles of cider from Perry's - a Somerset cider company that has been producing cider since 1920! 

What makes this cider very special is how much they care about what goes into their product, as much as what certainly does not. 80% of the apples used are grown in their orchards and if it hasn't seen a Somerset orchard then it is an ingredient that won't make it in! They also 'refuse' to add concentrated juices, flavours or colourings.

The bottle of Barn Owl is a farmhouse cider - crisp and refreshing ...and winner of a Great Taste Award among others.

The Grey Heron cider is a single orchard cider, meaning it is made from only the best Redstreak and Dabinett apples grown at Perry's Knowle St Giles Orchard. It is a fruity and sweet cider.

Both pair excellently with our chosen companion cheese.

The cheese and the chutney

Croome's Worcestershire Gold Mature Cheddar Cheese

Moving a little north, we have selected one of the finest UK cheeses, from Croome Cheese. Their truckle of Worcestershire Gold cheddar cheese is rich and creamy but just the right amount of mellow. Packaged safely in wax - the cheese is protected and ideal for posting...as well as looking great on arrival.

If Dad is a bit of a turophile (that's a cheese lover to you and me), then definitely give him the chance to try this on Father's Day.

Close up of the cheese and chutney in the Cider and Cheese Hamper

Tracklements Caramelised Onion Chutney

To enhance the flavours of the cheese and the sweet apple of the cider, there is also a jar of caramelised onion chutney from Tracklements – an essential addition to a good cheese board.

Tracklements was established in 1970 and is recognised as a company that introduced wholegrain mustard and wider varieties of flavoured jellies into the UK, and now many flavours of chutney too.

Despite Tracklements' popularity and growth, everything is still made by hand, in small batches, to traditional recipes. Using only top-quality ingredients, carefully selected for their better taste, means this wonderful cider gift is further enhanced by the delicious condiment.


The crackers and extras

Fionagh's Seeded Sourdough Crackers

Close up of Fionagh's Seeded Sourdough Crackers in the Cider and Cheese Hamper

For dad to enjoy a full afternoon or post-dinner savoury treat, this Father’s Day hamper also includes a whole box of sourdough crackers - crisp and delicious but with a subtle flavour that won't take anything away from the cheese, cider and chutney combination.

Each batch of crackers is made from its own original 'mother' sourdough starter - it's all about how it is nurtured and cared for...which then leads to crackers with the perfect crunch.

 Tenuta Marmorelle Cheese and Pepper Taralli

Close up of  Tenuta Marmorelle Cheese and Pepper Taralli as snack in the Cider and Cheese Hamper

We also love that this Father's Day Cider and Cheese Hamper comes with something a little different for dads to try - Tenuta Marmorelle Cheese and Pepper Taralli.

These little golden rings of delight act as the perfect snack alongside a glass of cold bubbling cider in the warm afternoon sunshine. 

Inspired by the traditional Italian snack, Tenuta Marmorelle is dedicated to bringing authentic Italian food from Italy, via road, to their distribution centre in Thatcham, in the UK.

The tarballs are light, and crumbly and will melt in the mouth.

Father's Day Cider and Cheese Hamper with contents on display

The Cider and Cheese Hamper
- a perfect gift for dad this Father's Day

Cider and cheese may be a West Country classic, but we feel it can only be further enhanced by drawing on products and flavours from around the country and even a little further afield.

We hope you love the selection of food included in our Cider and Cheese Hamper, as much as we do, alongside the two bottles of utterly delicious Somerset cider.

This is the perfect gift for cider lovers and cheese lovers - a hamper ideal for Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries and other upcoming significant occasions. 

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