A guide to giving gifts to your bridesmaids


Getting married is very exciting, but we know there is also a lot to organise - including what to buy your bridesmaids as a little thank you to mark their involvement in your special day.

Let us help you to strike "buy gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honour" off your to-do list, along with a little help about when to gift and what to buy.


When to give your bridesmaids their gift

There are several occasions when you may choose to present your bridesmaid with a gift.

1. On asking them to be your bridesmaid

Firstly, it is becoming very popular to present a small surprise when you are asking that very special person to be your bridesmaid, potentially several months before your wedding day.

There is a lovely range of cards too that you can choose from.

And don’t forget, with one of our hampers you can send a personalised gift message… simply include the sentence ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’… it’ll be a fantastic surprise when they open their out-of-the-blue delivery.

If you need advice on exactly when to ask that special someone to be your bridesmaid, take a look at this handy guide from Brides.com.


2. At the hen do

Your maid of honour and bridesmaids are often instrumental in planning your perfect hen do.

Why not choose a small gift to thank them for all of their hard work in planning and organising your special night or weekend away?

We all know it is never an easy job ensuring friends and family enjoy the event, as well as any organisation of travel arrangements, hotel bookings, event tickets and those silly, yet hilarious games.


Bridesmaid sat on bed with bride at her hen do in matching gowns

3. On the morning of your wedding

As all of your bridesmaids gather to get ready, it can be a truly lovely time to surprise them with a heartfelt gift.

In amongst hair and make-up, take the time to speak to your bridesmaids and maid of honour and thank them for being a part of your special day, as well as for any help and support they have given you in the build-up and preparation.

You may choose a gift that they can wear as part of their bridesmaid outfit – a special piece of jewellery or statement hair accessory, for example.

Some special fizz, wine, sweet treats and nibbles can also be the perfect partner for getting ready and as the excitement builds.


4. At the wedding breakfast

It is very traditional for the wedding speeches to include a thank you to key members of the wedding party, including the maid of honour and also the bridesmaids.

According to Hitch.com, the groom will say thank you to them, as well as complimenting the bridesmaids and leading a toast.

Presenting a gift to your maid of honour (and perhaps your bridesmaids too) as part of the thank you speeches can be a lovely public way to truly show how grateful you are for all of her support.


Bridesmaid going forward to hug bride

5. After your big day

There are several reasons why you may want to save your bridesmaid’s gift and send something a little extra after the wedding day itself.

For a girlfriend who went above and beyond, choose something truly individual to her and representative of your special relationship.

You could choose something on your honeymoon that you can gift to your bridesmaids, as a little extra, when you return.

Could you purchase something you can enjoy all together when you look through the professional wedding photographs and videos (alongside some honeymoon snaps)?

You could choose to frame a professional picture of you and your bridesmaid on the day - one that truly captures the spirit of your friendship - and give it as a gift.

Furthermore, if you have a bridesmaid or maid of honour who lives far away from the wedding venue, save them from having to pack their gift in their luggage and have their gift delivered directly to their door, as a surprise for when they get back home. It's those little thoughtful ideas that make the difference.


What to buy for your bridesmaids

You may have several bridesmaids, with lots of different tastes and whom are different ages.

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach may not work. So, what can you choose that won’t take up time in your already busy ‘wedding plans’ schedule?


Choosing a special gift for your bridesmaids

At hampers.com, we have a gorgeous selection of gifts to suit all tastes and all ages. From sweet treats for little bridesmaids to sophisticated Champagne hampers for those who now enjoy the finer things in life.

Explore our selection of hampers to suit all budgets and bridesmaid gifting occasions, as detailed above.


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Ordering gifts for all of your bridesmaids in one go

To make the bride’s life even easier, remember that with hampers.com, you can order all of your bridesmaid gifts in a single order and still send them to separate addresses, even with individual, personalised gift messages.

You can also choose a delivery date. So, if your chosen maid of honour or bridesmaid does not live close by, lives abroad or even back in the UK, if you are based far from your specially chosen bridal party, you can organise that they all get asked to be your bridesmaid or receive their very special thank you gift on the same day.

Equally, if you need the gifts delivered to you – you can guarantee your delivery date and safe arrival (no matter the combination of hampers you choose) in plenty of time to wrap and prepare them for your wedding day.



Bridesmaid gifts = one less thing to worry about

At hampers.com, we love helping people to choose very special gifts for very special occasions.

If we can help make your wedding day planning a little easier and your to-do list a little shorter, then we are happy.

Choosing a special gift for your bridesmaids should be fun and memorable and bring delight to each of them in turn.

We hope you all enjoy your very special wedding day.

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