Non-alcoholic Christmas Gifts

Close up of the alcohol free treats in a Christmas gift box

Christmas drinking isn’t for everyone and that is just fine by us.

We have lots and lots of alcohol free hampers to choose from, this Christmas, including those with no beverages in at all through to those featuring the most delight non-alcoholic alternatives, which do not compromise on taste.

For a variety of non-alcoholic Christmas gift inspiration, see our full range of alcohol free hampers here:


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Plus, read on to see our top 5 non alcoholic Christmas hampers …it was a really difficult choice!



Non alcoholic Christmas drinks and gift sets


The Joy of Christmas Hamper


Send the tastes of the winter British hedgerows and special Christmas treats direct to their door with The Joy of Christmas Hamper.

Whether your gift recipient chooses not to drink all year or whether this is a special one off – that special friend breast feeding her baby or a dear expectant daughter – whomever it may be and whatever the reason, we are sure they will be delighted to be introduced to the utterly delicious and refreshing bramble sparkling pressé, bursting with blackberries, sloes and hand-picked elderflowers.

There’s also coffee and tea to enjoy with the festive ginger thins, the moreish strawberry jam and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake.

If the person you have in mind for this special Christmas hamper also loves chocolate, do remember to explore our chocolate hamper range. Plis if they like white chocolate, in particular, make sure you check out our delightful White Christmas Hamper too.



Festive Flavours Gift Box


Gift this hamper and you’ll be sending Christmas through the post!

Our Festive Flavours Gift Box is bursting with the best the holiday season has to offer.

There’s fruity Christmas cake, gourmet popcorn, clotted cream fudge and a handmade dark chocolate and raspberry bar too.

Plus, the full bodied Bottlegreen Bramble Presse is ready to pour and sip alongside this collection on sweet treats, in front of a roaring fire or their favourite Christmas movie.

All of the products are also gluten free – but packed full of taste – as at Christmas no one should miss out because of dietary requirements.

See also the Festive Treats For Everyone Hamper - another great non alcoholic Christmas drink gift set, featuring tea and coffee, although there is a touch of alcohol in the Christmas pudding and mince pies. This hamper is both gluten free and also suitable for vegans.

Explore our full range of vegan friendly hampers here – helping you to accommodate all food and drink preferences this Christmas. 



The Luxury Joy of Christmas Hamper


Everyone deserves a little luxury at Christmas and this hamper does exactly what it says on the tin…well, in the wicker basket!

The Luxury Joy of Christmas Hamper offers your special gift recipient a range of treats to be enjoyed throughout the whole of Christmas Day.

There’s medium roast artisan ground coffee for enjoying at breakfast alongside the very special morning condiments of gingerbread and caramel spread, as well as strawberry jam, to spread thickly on their favourite sourdough toast or fresh warm bread.

There’s an Autumn spiced flapjack and hand baked biscuits to enjoy at elevenses, plus ginger thins and mini mint drizzle bar to enjoy with the afternoon tea.

Then, there’s a Choc Affair Christmas pudding chocolate bar and roasted winter fruits dark chocolate to enjoy after dinner, with a refreshing glass of sparkling Bramble Presse from Bottle Green

…oh and we forgot the gourmet popcorn...that can be scoffed with a late night Christmas movie or when catching up with a favourite TV programme’s Christmas special.

This is an exceptional alcohol free Christmas hamper even Father Christmas will be jealous of.

Order now for delivery in time for Christmas – to the doorstep…not down the chimney!


Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic Hamper


Just because your special gift recipient may prefer a non alcoholic Christmas drink or cocktail, it doesn’t mean they should miss out on taste.

If they are not drinking for the long term or just temporarily, but have enjoyed a refreshing G&T in the past, then our Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic Hamper is a really thoughtful gift – especially for those mums-to-be whose are missing their favourite pre-dinner drink.

Have you heard of Lyre’s?  If not, then make sure you check out their great range of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic spirits and drinks.

At, we are really proud to feature their premium London Dry Spirit with all the essence of a classic gin, that pairs perfectly with the included bottles of Natural Indian tonic water, from Franklin & Sons.

Alongside their very special alcohol free G&T, your gift recipient can also enjoy delicious caramel and white chocolate gourmet popcorn, from award-winning Joe & Seph’s, as well as a full bar of milk chocolate and the most amazing rhubarb & custard sweets.

It’s a Christmas gift box just bursting with treats.

If you are looking for alternative beer gift ideas too, see our non-alcoholic beer gift – the Alcohol Free Beer Hamper, featuring the most flavoursome 0% Spanish lager.


The Aspire Charity Hamper


Christmas is a time for giving …it’s also a time for giving back.

The last of our five alcohol free Christmas hampers just had to be our new Aspire Charity Hamper - a very specially curated hamper for a very worthy charity.

This non alcoholic Christmas hamper includes chocolate, crisps, biscuits and fudge – an utterly delightful selection of delicious treats, plus 15 tea stocking from the ‘quintessially English’ Ace Tea London. It really is a hamper packed with love.

For every purchase of this gift hamper, will donate £5 to the charity Aspire Oxfordshire, an award-winning employment charity who support local individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to rebuild their lives through helping them with employment and housing.


Learn more about our Charities and Charity hampers  


This is feel good Christmas gifting.




Still looking for low or non-alcoholic drink hampers for Christmas?

We are really proud to offer hampers which suit a range of requirements and dietary preferences.

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We also have lots more options in our full Christmas hampers ranges, which do not include any alcoholic drinks or beverage but are still packed full of great flavours and tastes for your chosen gift recipient to enjoy this festive season:


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