Producer Profile: Fionagh’s


Fionagh's journey to creating delicious sourdough crackers began when she and her husband, Richard, made a life-changing decision to move to Cornwall in 2006. Little did they know that their passion for sustainable, quality foods would lead them to Norton Barton farm. 


Norton Barton farm is not just home to Fionagh's bakehouse - it's a hub of culinary creativity and collaboration. Alongside making tasty crackers, the farm produces a delicious family of fine foods from their dairy, distillery, smokery and cannery.


Fionagh's Artisanal Touch...


At the heart of Fionagh's practice lies a commitment to quality and tradition. Each batch of sourdough crackers is handmade using their sourdough mother, specially fed and fermented to achieve the perfect tang and crunch. The mother is then combined with the finest rye flour, rapeseed oil, and a touch of sea salt to create a dough that is both flavourful and textured.


But what sets these crackers apart is the addition of pumpkin, poppy, and sunflower seeds, which add a delightful crunch and burst of flavour to every bite!


Fionagh's Seeded Sourdough Crackers


As you indulge in Fionagh's Moorish Seeded Sourdough Crackers, you'll experience the perfect balance of texture and taste.


Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with your favourite cheeses, these crackers are sure to elevate any culinary occasion. With their artisanal charm and irresistible flavour, they're the perfect addition to any cheeseboard.


Introducing The Cider & Cheese Hamper


This image depicts a gift hamper which features Fionagh's Sourdough crackers. An ideal gift for him.
The Cider & Cheese Hamper, proudly featuring Fionagh's crackers


At, we're proud to feature Fionagh's crackers in our delicious Cider & Cheese Hamper. Alongside a curated selection of refreshing ciders, Fionagh's crackers pair perfectly with rich, creamy cheese and moorish artisanal snacks.


So why wait? Gift the Cider & Cheese Hamper today - an ideal gift for him, her or them. Cheers to bringing joy with artisanal snacks, refreshing cider and great company!



Meet The British Charcuterie Tasting Hamper

Main image of British Charcuterie Tasting Hamper, a luxury gift hamper from UK

Have you met our brand new British Charcuterie Tasting Hamper? Brimming with artisanal British charcuterie, delectable cheese and sophisticated snacks like Fionagh's tasty crackers - it's a real showstopper, sure to put a smile on their face!


With its exquisite flavours and thoughtful craftsmanship, it's the perfect way to show your appreciation. Whether enjoying a leisurely picnic in the park or gifting just to brighten their day, every bite will be a reminder of your love and gratitude. 


So why not spread some joy with our new British Charcuterie Tasting Hamper?

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