Producer Profile: Gruntled


Gruntled's origin story is one of passion, resilience and innovation. It all began with Dave Willis, a humble pub-snack delivery man with a big dream to create innovative bar snacks, bursting with natural flavours. 


With his wife Judy by his side and their beloved terrier puppy Ruby as the muse for the brand, Salty Dog was born. Over the years the brand evolved, eventually introducing the premium meat-based snack range, Gruntled.


Sensational Sea Salt Pork Crackling


Gruntled's Sea Salt Pork Crackling is a testament to Dave’s commitment to quality and flavour. Made with the finest pork and cooked twice for a lighter, less tooth-breaking texture, these cracklings are seasoned with completely natural flavours, ensuring there's no gluten or MSG in the bag.


Not to mention, Gruntled cracklings elevate every drinking experience. Whether you're sipping on a pint of refreshing beer or enjoying a glass of wine, these moorish delights add a satisfying crunch and savoury flavour that's impossible to resist.


Introducing The Craft Beer Hamper

This image depicts a gift hamper which features Gruntled's sensational bar snack - Sea Salt Pork Crackling. An ideal gift for him.
Craft Beer Hamper by, proudly featuring Gruntled's Sea Salt Pork Crackling


At, we're proud to feature Gruntled's Sea Salt Pork Crackling in our delicious Craft Beer Hamper, offering you the opportunity to gift the perfect pairing of artisanal snacks and quality, refreshing beers.


Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, our hampers are the ideal gift for any occasion, from Father's Day celebrations to picnics in the sun.


So why wait? Gift the Craft Beer Hamper today, where every product is carefully curated to ensure an unforgettable experience. Cheers to bringing joy with tasty artisanal snacks, refreshing craft beers and great company!

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