Producer Profile: Hawkstone


"F*** me, that's good." 

- Jeremy Clarkson


You've probably seen Jeremy Clarkson tearing up the roads in fast cars or more recently, navigating the ups and downs of agriculture in Clarkson's Farm. But did you know that his love for the land extends to crafting exceptional beers?


Clarkson isn't just a man of speed; he's also a maestro of hops and barley. When he's not behind the wheel or wrangling sheep, you'll find him rolling up his sleeves and diving into the world of brewing at Hawkstone.



And of course, Jeremy's not alone. Behind every great brew at Hawkstone Brewery lies a dynamic duo: Jeremy Clarkson and his faithful sidekick, Caleb. Whilst Jeremy brings his passion for flavour and quality, Caleb lends his expertise of the land to ensure the crops thrive under the Cotswold sun.


At the core of Hawkstone Brewery beats the heart of collaboration. Jeremy Clarkson, alongside Rick and Emma from the Cotswold Brew Co., form an unstoppable team fuelled by a shared vision of brewing brilliance. Together, they marry tradition with innovation, crafting brews that tantalise the taste buds.


The Brewing Journey

Creating the perfect beer is no easy feat. It begins with the careful cultivation of barley - a process that demands patience, perseverance, and a fair share of grit. 


From planting to harvest, the journey is fraught with challenges, but the promise of exceptional quality keeps the team at Hawkstone Brewery pushing forward.


Meet the Hawkstone IPA: The Hoppy One

Meet the Hawkstone IPA - crafted with a blend of bold, characterful hops, it's a sensory explosion waiting to happen.


Picture this: bursts of tropical and citrus flavours dancing on your palate, whilst malty richness adds depth and complexity. Just when you think you've tasted it all, a delightful bitterness swoops in to keep you on your toes, perfectly balancing the brew.


Introducing The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper

Introducing The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper, proudly featuring Hawkstone


At, we’re proud to introduce you to our brand new gift, The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper, featuring four outstanding Hawkstone beers.


From the crisp allure of Hawkstone's premium lager to the bold, invigorating notes of their IPA, every sip promises to transport your loved one on a journey of refreshing flavours. Paired with these exceptional brews is a selection of savoury delights, carefully selected to complement and enhance the tasting experience.


Whether it's for a special occasion or a spontaneous gesture of appreciation, The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper is the perfect gift for him, her or them!


So why wait? Gift a moment of joy today with The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper.





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