Producer Profile: NALO

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Inspired by the Punjabi word Naal, meaning alongside, NALO represents a celebration of flavour, heritage, and the joy of good food.


NALO was born when their founder, Divya - a pharmacist turned entrepreneur, manifested her desire to create delicious, sustainable and nourishing snacks with authentic South Asian flavours.


Using high-quality, natural ingredients, NALO transforms the ordinary bar snack into an elevated, flavourful adventure, ensuring every bite leaves a lasting impression.


NALO: Snacks that tell a Story


“Our Masala cashew-almond mix is a sentimental one for me because it’s made using my family’s masala recipe.”

- Divya, NALO


Drawing inspiration from her Punjabi roots and a deep love for South Asian culinary traditions, Divya set out to craft bar snacks that would not only satisfy cravings but also elevate any snacking experience to new heights.


Enter NALO's Masala Cashews & Almonds – a true labour of love. Made with a blend of 11 South Asian spices alongside artisan British sea salt flakes, these crunchy delights evoke the rich tapestry of flavours found in traditional Indian cuisine. 


For Divya, creating NALO's Masala Cashews & Almonds was more than just a culinary endeavour – it was a way to pay homage to her family's masala recipe, passed down through generations.


Introducing the Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper

NALO’s sustainable Masala Cashews & Almonds in a brand new gift hamper- the Curry Night Hamper, carefully curated with bold flavours and wholesome ingredients to create the perfect cosy curry night in.
Our brand new Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper, proudly featuring NALO


At, we believe that every bite should be a celebration of flavour and tradition, and NALO's Masala Cashews & Almonds are the perfect embodiment of that philosophy.


We are proud to feature NALO’s Moorish Masala Cashews & Almonds in our brand new gift, the Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper - carefully curated for a cosy curry night in! So why not bring some joy by gifting a delicious Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper today?


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