Producer Profile: Tap Social Movement

Tap Social Movement: Not just a Brewery…


Tap Social Movement is not just a brewery that makes criminally good beer, but a social enterprise on a mission to provide employment opportunities for people in prison and those those transitioning back into society. 


At the core of Tap Social's ethos is a commitment to providing inclusive employment opportunities for ex-offenders looking for a fresh start. 



“Having a fulfilling job helps build self-confidence and resilience, and equips people for a productive and happy life. We believe that everyone benefits when no one is excluded from work.”

Tap Social Movement


Approximately 30% of Tap Social’s staff have come into contact with the criminal justice system. Since opening, they have generated over 85,000 hours of paid employment for people in prison, or recently released from prison - making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals. 


And it doesn’t stop there… Tap Social is making big waves in the brewing world with a range of modern, accessible and delicious craft beers. From the refreshing Time Better Spent IPA to the award-winning False Economy Lager, their lineup is a testament to quality and innovation.



Brewing Change, One Beer at a Time

This image depicts two of Tap Social Movement's beers - False Economy Lager and Time Better Spent IPA.
Tap Social Movement's Jobsworth Criminally Good Session Pale Ale and False Economy Lager


Jobsworth isn't just any old beer – it's the embodiment of Tap Social's dedication to quality and purpose. Brewed with a blend of azacca and amarillo hops, Jobsworth boasts a fruit-forward aroma that tantalises the senses with every sip. But what truly sets it apart is the story behind the brew…


Behind every bottle of Jobsworth lies a journey of transformation. By providing meaningful employment and training opportunities, Tap Social gives ex-offenders the chance to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. Through the power of craft brewing, Tap Social fosters a sense of purpose and belonging, empowering individuals to pursue a brighter future.


Introducing The Craft Beer Hamper 

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