Teacher Thank You Gifts from the Whole Class

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Many of us truly appreciate the hard work of a class teacher - but how can we choose a teacher gift that truly shows our thanks

With all the best intentions, we aim to choose something thoughtful and special as a thank-you gift. However, as the end of summer term swiftly approaches, so often it’s a last-minute bottle of wine, a candle or some chocolates that get hastily gift-wrapped and handed over on the last day of term.

Why not make this year a little different, but still super convenient?

Why not spend the same amount of money this year, but get something that truly shows their teacher your appreciation?

Club together as a class or small group and get something the teacher will adore.

It's not as difficult as you might think!



Small Teacher Gifts vs Large Teacher Gifts

With perhaps over 30 children in their class, we are sure that many teachers are very grateful for the small thank-you gifts they receive each year. A collection of wine, chocolate and flowers which are all gratefully received, but perhaps not to their taste. As a parent, finding something for the £5, £10 or £20 you feel you should spend can also be difficult.

What will other parents be buying? How much will they spend? Furthermore, how well do you know your child’s teacher? What do they like? What would they enjoy?


Organising a Teacher Gift from the Whole Class

Organising a teacher gift from the whole class or a group of fellow parents doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to modern technology. Take a look at these 4 easy steps:


1. Invite others to contribute

Many classes have WhatsApp, Messenger or other groups for communication between parents and guardians, so simply pop a message out to see if anyone is interested in pooling some money together to buy a group gift. Some schools will also be happy to send out a class-specific email.

There may be that super organised parent who has already purchased their gift or even made something! However, for the rest of us, many fellow parents will be truly grateful to contribute and know that the ‘Buy a teacher gift before the end of term’ to-do list item (with a row of exclamation marks) can be easily ticked off.


2. Agree an amount or ask for donations

For those interested, you can agree a certain amount, such as £10, to be contributed. Or you can simply ask people to donate as much as they wish to.

You can also agree to collect money and contribute different amounts for both the teacher and the learning support assistant (LSA), as well as any other members of staff who work closely with your children.

It may be traditional, at your school, to send a small gift to the headteacher too.


3. Collect the money

To collect money, you can simply collect cash outside the school gate or at the classroom door. However, it can be difficult to catch lots of people and it's hard work for you ...plus, it seems fewer and fewer people carry money these days.

Luckily, the joys of bank transfers, PayPal and other online collection and money pool pots can make the transferring of contributions easy.

If you are in charge of collecting the money, remember to ask fellow parents to reference what they have sent so you can easily keep track of the total.

It’s also important to set a deadline so that you know the total amount you have to spend, in plenty of time to arrange the purchase of the gift or gifts.


4. Choose a whole class gift

...this is the fun bit!

As a group, you can decide what you wish to buy. If even just 15 people contribute £5, then that’s a £75 gift. You can choose something nice. You can choose something thoughtful that the teacher will appreciate.

Some traditional ideas include a voucher or series of vouchers, so that the teacher may choose something themselves. This could include clothes, dining, department stores or online retailer vouchers.

A larger gift or collection of several gifts from local businesses is also a nice idea. There may be parents, carers or grandparents of the children in your class who can offer something special from their businesses – perhaps with a discount!

And finally, we highly recommend one of our luxury hampers, specially chosen for teachers and LSAs. The variety of food and drink means you don’t have to worry too much about specifically choosing a favourite treat or beverage.

With a good sum of money, you can choose something from our collection that not only includes delicious foods but comes in a keepsake (such as a chiller carrier, wicker basket or willow tray) and is truly thoughtful (such as a pamper hamper, whiskey stones gift set or champagne and glasses). Ordering multiple hampers for different members of staff is also really easy.





Thank you gift hamper with contents on display


Thoughtful teacher thank-you gifts with added convenience

There’s something about a whole class gift that truly shows how much the children’s parents, guardians and carers have thought about what they can do to show their thanks and appreciation.

With hampers.com, it doesn’t have to be a chore.

You can share a range of gift ideas easily and order online. The hampers and gift boxes come ‘ready wrapped’ and you can even arrange delivery directly to the school.

If you are arranging gifts for your children's teachers at different schools, you can also enter multiple delivery addresses.

Thank you teacher gifts made it easy!


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