Top 5 Beer Hampers For Dads

Father's Day Celebrations with family and beer


We concede, it’s a little stereotypical but we also know lots of dads – young, mature (and immature…!) – who will enjoy a pint of beer on Father’s Day.

From craft beer to real ales, we have a very exciting range of beer hampers that will make the perfect gift for your beer-connoisseur dad, father-in-law or father of your children this Father’s Day.


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Craft Beer Gifts For Father's Day

Craft Beer Hamper


This Father's Day Craft Beer Hamper features three cans of Tap Social's best selection of craft beer.

The 'Time Better Spent' is Tap Social's house IPA, with a mild bitterness, alongside peach, passion fruit and mango aromas. 'Jobsworth' is their signature session pale ale, offering a truly fruity aroma. Then, finally,  'False Economy' is classic lager – golden yellow in colour and a little fruity in taste. This is a truly refreshing selection from a wonderful social enterprise based in Oxfordshire.

A mouth-watering selection of savoury pub-style snacks are the perfect accompaniments, including crisps, pickles and nuts. 

This is a Father's Day gift to savour.


Father's Day Beer and Cheese Hamper


If your dad loves his craft beer as well as some delicious savoury treats, explore our specially curated Father's Day Beer and Cheese Hamper. Is this the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad? 

The selection of Freedom Beers, as described above, make a great accompaniment The Mouse House Cheese Company's Finest Vintage English Cheddar cheese, especially when perched atop the sourdough handbaked crackers.

Take a closer look at this delicious beer and cheese hamper for your dad - order online and get it delivered direct to his door.



A Real Ale Gift for Father's Day


Gentlemen's Tea Hamper


How does ‘afternoon tea with a twist’ sound? Rather than a traditional sparkling afternoon tea, we have curated our very own Gentleman’s Tea Hamper, featuring two bottles of real ale.

The real ales from Butcombe Brewing Co. include a bottle of Butcombe Original Beer and a Butcome Golden Ale, alongside traditional English tea and artisan coffee.

To eat, there’s a full Gold Crown Round Whisky Dundee, a slab of chocolate and a whole host of savoury snacks too. This includes cheese, pickle, crackers and a flavoursome pork rillette (a type of course pate) from the Cornish Charcuterie company.

Father’s Day picnic anyone? Afterall, it sound too good not to share!


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Father's Day Real Ale & Cheese Hamper


Treat dad to a hamper full of flavour this year, with the Father's Day Real Ale and Cheese Hamper.

Delicious real ales from Loose Cannon Brewery take 'centre stage' but in amongst a delightful buffet.

There is extra vintage English cheddar cheese, a special beer flavoured mustard and special 'ale crackers', made with hops, roasted barley malt and English ale. Just imagine the taste of those. 

There's also the classic ploughman's accompaniment - a jar of pickled onions. Are they your dad's favourite too?




A Beer and Curry Gift for Father's Day


Indian Cooking & Beer Hamper

Father's Day Indian Cooking and Beer Hamper with contents on display


Brand new for Father's Day 2023...take a look at our Indian Cooking and Beer Hamper.

Inspired by one of Britain's favourite takeaways and a culinary explosion of interest in cooking one's own curries at home, have developed a very special Father's Day hamper.

Featuring three delicious beers from Freedom Brewery, whilst cooking dad can enjoy something a bit special - developed and brewed here in the UK, as well as luxury Tandoor Chilli snacks from Howdah.

There is a collection award-winning Indian spices from Spice Kitchen, for all the flavours needed to make a wide variety of Indian curries and dishes. There is even a booklet full of recipes to inspire, plus a jar of mango and chilli chutney to complement dad's creations.

 We love this Father's Day beer and cooking gift. Get something a little different this year for your dad.



A Father's Day beer gift selection to be proud of

We hope our recommendations have inspired you. Don’t forget to take advantage of free UK delivery on orders over £45, and select your Father's Day beer gift now, in plenty of time for delivery on Sunday 18th June 2023.


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If dad not only loves beer, but wine, cheese, whisky, chocolate and more, explore our full Father’s Day Hamper range now.


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