Top 5 Beer Hampers For Dads

Father's Day Celebrations with family and beer


We concede, it’s a little stereotypical but we also know lots of dads – young, mature (and immature…!) – who will enjoy a pint of beer on Father’s Day.

From craft beer to real ales, we have a very exciting range of beer hampers that will make the perfect gift for your beer-connoisseur dad, father-in-law or father of your children this Father’s Day.


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Craft Beer Gift For Father's Day

Craft Beer Hamper with contents on display

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This Craft Beer Hamper features three bottles of Freedom’s best selection of craft beer.

The Freedom Helles Organic Lager is pale, floral and pretty much perfect. The Freedom Pilsner is the perfect bromance between European and American Hops, with a delicate citrus aroma and a bittersweet bite. Then, finally, the classic Freedom Lager is lovingly brewed with just four ingredients and nothing else – light, crisp and the best of British. 

A mouth-watering selection of savoury pub-style snacks are the perfect accompaniments, including crisps, olives, smoked mix nuts and classic pork crackling.  

This is a Father's Day gift to savour.





A Lager Gift For Father's Day

The Spanish Beer Hamper with contents on display


Get the taste of the sunshine delivered directly to your Dad on Father’s Day.

Our Spanish Beer Hamper features three bottles of Estrella Galacia World Lager, brewed in Spain.

The light, refreshing lager is perfect with BBQ food or to relax with around the fire pit. Add some extra special nibbles too, with the Spanish ham crisps, Filberts green Haldiki olives with chilli and black pepper, and Picos Artesanos breadsticks.

The perfect afternoon treat for your dad to enjoy.

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British Beer Gift For Father's Day

If your father or father-in-law is a bit of beer connoisseur and keen on British made beer, then introduce him to our British Beer and Cheese Hamper.

This hamper features the highlights of a fantastic collaboration between Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's famous River Cottage and Stroud Brewery. Using a traditional brewing process and organic ingredients, this Father’s Day gift box offers three cans of River Cottage beers, including the Hopful Best Bitter, the Stinger Organic Nettle Ale and the Hemp Mild Beer. Each one is unique and delicious.

There’s even more classic British produce, including crisps, crackers, pickle and cheese. It’s the makings of a Father’s Day ploughman’s lunch – a delicious combination.

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A Real Ale Gift for Father's Day


How does ‘afternoon tea with a twist’ sound? Rather than a traditional sparkling afternoon tea, we have curated our very own Gentleman’s Tea Hamper, featuring two bottles of real ale.

The real ales from Butcombe Brewing Co. include a bottle of Butcombe Original Beer and a Butcome Golden Ale, alongside traditional English tea and artisan coffee.

To eat, there’s a full Gold Crown Round Whisky Dundee, a slab of chocolate and a whole host of savoury snacks too. This includes cheese, pickle, crackers and a flavoursome pork rillette (a type of course pate) from the Cornish Charcuterie company.

Father’s Day picnic anyone? Afterall, it sound too good not to share!

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Alcohol Free Beer Gift for Father's Day


Does your dad love the taste of beer but just doesn’t need or want the alcohol content? Even though you can drive yourself, perhaps, he is still your favourite designated driver or emergency taxi.

Whatever his reasons for avoiding alcohol,  this Father's Day, treat your dad to a beer gift he will love with our Alcohol Free Beer Hamper.

The Estrella Galicia 0.0% Spanish beers in this hamper are by far the best alcohol-free beers we have ever tasted. This premium beer, brewed in Spain, is produced using pilsen and roasted malts and hops. It offers a traditional flavour and is truly refreshing, simply without the alcohol.

Offering a traditional flavour of marked bitterness and a refreshing aftertaste with every sip, this is a light and easy-to-drink beer.

Dad also deserves a great selection of nibbles so a selection of Mediterranean-inspired favourites can also be found in this gift hamper, including crisps, breadsticks and olives.


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A Father's Day beer gift selection to be proud of

We hope our recommendations have inspired you. Don’t forget to take advantage of free UK delivery, in plenty of time for delivery on Sunday 19th June 2022.

If dad not only loves beer, but wine, cheese, whisky, chocolate and more, explore our full Father’s Day Hamper range now.


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