Top 5 Easter Hampers For Families

Mother and daughter look at Easter egg basket in flower headdresses


The Easter holidays are fast approaching – so it's time to make some plans with those around you.

Are you able to spend time with family over the long Easter weekend?

Do you have a big Easter gathering planned?

Or, perhaps, this year, you can’t be together but want to send an extra special gift that you know will delight and surprise all of the family on Easter Sunday morning..?

Take a look through our top 5 Easter Hampers recommendations that everyone… both adults and children alike… will adore.



The Easter Egg Gift Box

What better place to start than with a hamper featuring a large turquoise foil-wrapped Easter egg. This butterscotch Monty Bojangles special, in its beautifully decorated box, is simply stunning...and very tasty.

In The Easter Egg Gift Box, there’s also a pouch of colourful mini eggs, tied with a light yellow ribbon – the children will love these. They are perfect for sharing.

Plus, there is a sophisticated bar of milk chocolate with infused egg pieces, that perhaps the adults won’t want to share!  Every bite should be savoured.

When you are looking for ‘more than just an egg’, this is the perfect Easter gift.




The Easter Family Sharing Hamper


For even more indulgence, for a very special family, take a closer look at the Easter Family Sharing Hamper.

It is another wonderful option with wonderful treats that the whole family can enjoy. There's also a Prosecco version too – an extra special Easter treat for the grown ups!

In this Easter gift basket, the children will love finding the pouch of coloured miniature eggs and the super fun chocolate popping candy.

Mums, dads and grandparents can share a classic milk chocolate bar from Choc Affair and a delicious chocolate mini bar from the Cambridge Confectionary Company.

What really makes this Easter hamper stand out, however, is the jar containing a mini egg baking kit. For an easy-to-do family activity, together, they can make the most delicious and soft Easter cookies,

There’s also the wonderfully refreshing Belvoir Elderflower Presse offering the classic springtime blend of hand-picked elderflowers, real pressed lemon juice and spring water. This is best enjoyed with the range of lemon melts and delightful meringue 'kisses'.

Just wait to hear the excitement in their voices when they tell you about this special Easter delivery!



The Super Veg Cookery Hamper by Celia Brooks

Another family-activity inspired Easter gift has to be our Super Veg Cookery Hamper, which contains a recipe book from the writer and celebrity chef, Celia Brooks.

For those without such a sweet tooth, this Easter gift is a great alternative.

It offers a beautiful wicker basket full of plant-based, high-quality products, such as a sundried tomato tapenade, veggie rub and artichoke quarters.

All of the products have been chosen by Celia as the ideal companions to her SuperVeg recipe book.

It's a wonderful gift for those who prefer a vegan or plant-based diet too.


The Classic Alcohol Free Hamper


This non-alcoholic Easter hamper is perfect for large family gatherings. The array of contents - both sweet and savoury - in The Classic Alcohol Free Hamper is certainly worthy of your attention.

Easter gatherings are not just about chocolate, after all… although, there is a bar of chocolate nestled in amongst the array of treats for good measure.

Traditionally, Easter is a time for celebration and new beginnings. It’s the end of Lent and it’s a time for coming together and indulging in some delicious food and drinks.

In this spirit, this Easter food hamper offers everything the family will need for a real feast, including Kalamata pitted olives, Roquefort-flavoured crackers, and black pepper wafers. Plus, there’s retro sweets, hand baked biscuits and shortbread to enjoy too. And, finally, this thoughtful Easter gift, in a lidded wicker basket, includes a delicious bottle of sparkling elderflower from the experts at Belvoir Farm.




The Deluxe Family Hamper

The Deluxe Hamper with all of its contents on displayShop this gift


We highly recommend a little self-gifting if you have a large gathering of family and friends this Easter weekend. The nibbles, sweet treats and savoury extras are all taken care of. However, if you can’t be together, having this hamper delivered to your family’s door could be one of the best surprises of the year!

Imagine the children’s faces as they open the lid of The Deluxe Family Hamper, to reveal crisps, biscuits, cake, gourmet popcorn, exceptional chocolate truffles, and more.

For the adults, there’s a bottle of Bollinger Champagne with bubbles like velvet, ]a pear, brioche and spicy aroma, and with notes of fresh walnut – utterly delicious.

The bottles of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Tohu wines will pair perfectly with whatever is planned to eat, from Good Friday fish to traditional Easter Sunday lunch with lamb.

For the whole Easter weekend, the family will still be discovering luxury items to enjoy.





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