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Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift but also worried about what to buy, when to give the gift, or how much to spend?

It’s time to stop worrying, the gifting experts here at have all of your questions covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Gift Etiquette

What should I give as a wedding gift?

If there is a wedding gift list, then it is a good idea to start there. Take a look through what the bride and groom have selected and choose an appropriate gift based on your budget and the closeness of your relationship with the couple.

If they have chosen to create a wedding gift list through one particular shop or website, there is often an option to choose gift vouchers, as well as or, instead of, a particular gift.

This is a good option if you want to spend a little more, in addition to a chosen gift from the list. Or, you can just choose your budget amount in gift vouchers. This gives the couple the choice to spend it on something not listed or to put the vouchers towards a higher-priced item on the list, which may not be chosen by any other guest.

If there is not a formal wedding gift list, then the couple may ask for money, donations, or request no gifts. The etiquette is to follow whatever the bride or groom requests.

If they have asked for no gifts or not given any indication, but you feel strongly about gifting something, then take a look at our blog for inspiration and guidance about what is best to gift:


The best gifts to give at a wedding?


How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

According to The Daily Record, in 2021, a recommended spend was £20-30 for evening guests through to £50-100 for day guests. The average spend is usually around £50-£75.

However, the amount spent on a wedding gift should be right for you and not influenced by others.

We are sure that no couple would want you to get yourself into financial difficulty or stretch yourself beyond your means for the sake of a wedding gift.

For many couples, the most important present is your presence.

If money is not a problem but you are unsure what is an appropriate amount to spend, then consider the closeness of your relationship with the couple and the amount you have spent on other wedding gifts you have brought in the past. 

When do I give the wedding gift?

There is a traditional and practical answer to this one!

If you physically have the gift, the traditional answer is that you place the gift on a designated gift table usually at the start of the reception (or during, depending on timings and where your gift may be stored).

If you are an evening guest, then you would place your gift in the designated area when you arrive at the evening reception.

However, if there is a gift list, there can be an arrangement that all of the purchased gifts on the list are wrapped and delivered by the chosen retailer on a day specified by the couple. So, you may not have to worry at all about when to deliver the gift as this will be organised for you.

If you feel strongly about picking up or having the gift delivered to you, so that you can do your wrapping and take the gift you have chosen to the wedding, personally, then often this can also be arranged.

Now, on to the practical answer…ask the bride and groom what they would prefer!

Storing gifts at the reception and then transporting them to their home after the wedding can be quite cumbersome.

If the couple are also going off on honeymoon immediately, it may not be ideal to have lots of gifts to store. Therefore, if you are close to the couple consider asking them for their preference…perhaps, they would like gifts delivered before their special day to them or a relative, or they may prefer to receive the gift when they return from honeymoon. This can be a lovely opportunity to see the couple and give them their gift in person, and see them open it too.

Can we buy a group wedding gift?

There is certainly no reason why you can’t put money in together with other friends or family members who are also attending the wedding. This can be a wonderful way of purchasing some of the higher-priced items on a wedding gift list.

It can also be a great idea for a group of evening guests, for example,  a group of work colleagues, celebrating a fellow workmate's wedding. Rather than lots of smaller items, which would be suitable for smaller budgets, you can all contribute a small amount of money to buy something larger.


Can I buy separate gifts for the bride and groom?

Absolutely! You may have a closer relationship with one of the couple, rather than the other. You may wish to purchase both a ‘couples gift’, as well as something poignant for either the bride or groom or a small individual gift each.

It is also very common for bridesmaids, groomsmen, the best man or close friends to want to buy something special for either the bride or groom and present this on the morning of the wedding or the night before.

Gifts may also be given at a hen or stag do, as well.


What if I can’t attend the wedding, do I still send a gift?

Again, this is very much a personal preference. However, in many cases, if you have been invited you probably have a close relationship with the people getting married and will want to mark their special day, even if you can’t be there.

If you have friends or families attending the wedding, you could arrange for them to deliver the gift, or order a gift online which can be delivered directly to the couple's address, in time for their special day, shortly after the wedding, or on their return home from honeymoon.

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Choosing a wedding gift is very special.

A marriage is a wonderful celebration for two people you are likely to be very close to and feel very excited about.

Enjoy the process of choosing something that you know they will adore and cherish.


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