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Nothing beats a refreshing glass of cider, especially in the sunshine. Supporting UK craft cider producers is important to us and we are delighted to showcase a range of ciders, from both Somerset and Hertfordshire, in our cider lovers' gift range.

Explore our new cider hampers, combined with a collection of exquisite cheese, savoury snacks and more - perfect for summer 2024.


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Cider and Cheese Hampers 

Why do cider and cheese go so well together?

We may have the hamper (see below), but what makes cider and cheese such a great combination? Well, it's all about matching the right cheese with the right cider. As any cider lover will know, there are a wide range of ciders, in terms of taste, strength, sweetness and colour - particularly 'cloudiness'. 

Crisp, dry ciders and the perfect pairing partner with cheddar (hence our cider gift selections and combinations) - because the cider's fizz and acidity can combat the density and fullness of this hard cheese - especially a mature variety. The cider works to cleanse the palate so that with each following mouthful of cheese you can appreciate the robust, stronger flavours.


Flat lay of River Cottage Hamper with cider bottle in the middle

The perfect gift for cider lovers this summer

All of our cider hampers contain cheese. Why mess with a traditional combination that works so well? 

We have an aptly named, and brand new, Cider and Cheese Hamper, that features a truckle of Worcestershire Gold. This delightful purple truckle contains an exceptionally rich and creamy extra mature cheddar, produced by Croome Cheese, a family-run business, that has been making award-winning cheese for over 30 years in Whittington, Worcestershire.


Cider and Cheese Hamper as the perfect gift for cider lovers
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In addition, we have two more hampers, featuring a special cider created in collaboration with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage. In both hampers, you will find truckles of delicious cheddar cheese - this time from Godminster, an organic cheesemaker in Somerset. 

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Cider hampers that cider lovers will adore

We have mentioned the cheese, but now let us tell you a bit more about the actual ciders on offer here at

Somerset Cider Hamper from Perry's

In our Cider and Cheese Hamper, there are two very different Somerset ciders to try. It's the perfect Father's Day, birthday or anniversary gift for those who love their cider and like to try something new and exciting.

The ciders feature gorgeously designed labels, reflecting their unique names. The bottle of Barn Owl is a farmhouse cider - crisp and particularly refreshing. The bottle of Grey Heron cider is a single orchard cider, meaning it is made from just two apple varieties - Redstreak and Dabinett - from just one orchard. It is both more fruity and sweeter than the Barn Owl cider.

Both ciders are made by Perry's - a Somerset cider company that has been producing cider since 1920. 80% of the apples are grown in their orchards, and the rest have to come from Somerset. The true meaning of locally sourced ingredients. Their recipes are simple and traditional, with no use of concentrated juices, flavours or colourings.


Close up of two Perry's Cider from a Somerset Cider farm


Hertfordshire Cider Hamper from River Cottage

In our all-organic hamper - A Taste of River Cottage Organic - your lucky cider-loving gift recipient will find a 500ml bottle of River Cottage Organic Orchard Vintage Cider, by Newton Court Cider. 

This cider is a perfectly balanced, effervescent, organic cider. It has a true depth of flavour, including hints of wood smoke and honeysuckle. 

Making award-winning cider since 2000, Newton Court is an organic certified farm in Herefordshire, focussed on biodiversity. 


Close up of River Cottage Organic Orchard Vintage Cider by Newton Court Cider

In our River Cottage Organic Hamper, a luxury hamper overflowing with River Cottage products and great-tasting organic selections, you will also find a 500ml bottle of Yarlington Mill Cider, also by Newton Court Cider.

Using Yarlington Mill apples, the River Cottage Organic Yarlington Mill Cider is a medium-sweet cider, with a rich fruity taste and a dry finish. It offers a more zesty acidity, with light tannins.


A close up of River Cottage Organic Yarlington Mill Cider by Newton Court Cider

Is anyone else now desperate for a cold glass of refreshing cider? ...and some cheddar cheese?

Hampers with cider and so much more...

We love our cider hampers and we are so excited by our selection for summer 2024. It's wonderful to support British craft cider makers who care about their orchards and the biodiversity of the pieces of land they cultivate and look after, to make the best-tasting cider from the best-tasting apples.

We love choosing special accompaniments too - from cheese to crackers to sensational savoury treats.

Choosing a cider hamper or gift for the cider lover in your life is a simple choice - with easy online ordering and delivery. 


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