How to choose the best birthday gift

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Choosing a special birthday gift can be really difficult. There is so much choice, which means you can spend ages scrolling.

Many options are convenient, but perhaps not very personal.

Plus, if you have a big family, a large group of friends or you are responsible for sourcing birthday gifts at work, it can be time consuming and difficult to really think of something ‘just right’, for every person and a lot of the time.

However, every individual’s birthday is special and they deserve something that makes them noticed and unique.  As Dr Seuss says in Happy Birthday to You!, it’s their “Day of all Days!” - so we have to try to find something truly special.

To help you find the perfect birthday gift, we have come up with a 5-step checklist, to inspire ideas and make it easier to choose.



5 Step Checklist to Choosing the Perfect Birthday Gift 



Step 1 – Identify your budget

In most cases, money will be a major factor in the types of gift we will choose for a birthday. You may have a certain amount you spend on that person each year or you may have a range you are happy with.

With the cost of living rising, it is also important to consider what you can truly afford. No one wants you to struggle with the ‘must haves’ because of a birthday gift.

By identifying a budget, it can also make it easier to search for birthday gifts online, as many sites will allow you to filter or sort by price.  Don’t forget to check for the cost of delivery, if it is additional.


Step 2 – Note down the birthday gift recipient’s personality and traits

Take a moment to write down some words that immediately pop in to your head when you think of the person you are choosing a birthday gift for.

Think about adjectives that describe them.

Think about the hobbies they have; the job they have and the interests they have.

Consider what they like to do, then also what you know they don’t like.

Giving yourself some space to stop thinking about “gift buying” and to think more generally about the person you are choosing the birthday gift for – putting them first in your mind – can often inspire some really great and original ideas.


Step 3 – Consider what you want to convey with their gift

What is your relationship to the birthday gift recipient? This may dictate the sentiment you wish to convey with the gift. Not only will you want to celebrate their birthday, but perhaps you want to show them how much you care for them, love them, respect them, or something else entirely, such as how hard they work.


Step 4 – Work out how much time you have

Now you are feeling inspired by what your birthday recipient may like and what you want your gift to ‘say’, it’s back to logistics.

Not all birthday gifts were “born equal” when it comes to lead times. What we mean by this, is that some gifts take more organisation or need ordering, quite far in advance. This may be due to how it is made, personalisation, delivery times, postage delays, etc. You may not be able to physically get to where you want to buy your chosen gift from in time for the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s special day. You may not have ordered with enough time to get it delivered and wrapped, or even delivered directly.

So, check through ideas with these practical elements in mind.


Step 5 – Choose something that is truly going to delight and surprise

Thanks to our handy step-by-step checklist, there is a chance that you now have a number of very feasible birthday gift ideas. But, how do you choose which one?

Put yourself in the birthday gift recipient’s shoes!

Depending on how well you know them, try to imagine them on their birthday. What is going to bring the biggest smile and a gush of delight when they find out what you have brought them?

That’s why we love hampers! We have seen and heard about so many birthdays that have been enhanced by the pure joy of gifting. The look of utter surprise as a person opens a box to discover their favourite drink, surrounded by exciting complementary treats. The shock when a birthday is truly made memorable when the gift recipient lifts the lid of a wicker basket full of wonders – packed with savoury and sweet great quality products that they just can’t wait to get stuck in to.

What is going to make your birthday recipients’ face glow?

What is going to give them the broadest smile?

What is going to give them that warm fuzzy feeling inside, that you get when you receive a really special birthday gift (and that you also feel when you know they are going to love it!)?

If one of your birthday gift ideas, gives you all the ‘feels’ then you know you have chosen the best birthday gift.


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Choosing the perfect birthday gift

We hope our 5 step checklist is helpful for giving you a practical guide to choosing the perfect birthday gift.

...however, what if it’s a very special milestone birthday?

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