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At, we are very proud of the range of beer hampers and gifts we have available. We also work hard to regularly update our ranges, discovering new British breweries to support, those who are working innovatively and sustainably.

It's been hard to choose, but below you will find 5 luxury beer hampers.

They are great gifts for Father's Day, birthdays and more - has a fantastic collection of beer hampers that are perfect for almost any occasion

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An afternoon tea hamper with a beer-flavoured twist

Gentleman's Tea Hamper

Gentleman's Tea Hamper with contents on display - a great beer gift
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We are delighted to share with you this luxury beer hamper, our classic Gentleman's Tea HamperExplore our special twist on an afternoon tea, also inspired by a classic British Ploughman's Pub lunch.

This is such the perfect gift for Father's Day, in particular. If your dad, father-in-law, grandfather or daddy to your children, loves beer, cheese and some sweet treats, then this is the perfect beer gift for him.

The broad selection also provides a fantastic birthday or anniversary gift for the real ale lover in your life. The pair of beers from award-winning Loose Cannon Brewery are high quality, great tasting beverages with such a depth and variety of flavour between the two.

Inside the wicker basket is everything you need for a very special treat - including cheese, crackers, crisps, fruitcake and more. What are you waiting for? Go and take a quick look...but then come back to learn more about the other four fantastic beer hampers below.  

A beer hamper curated with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

A Taste of River Cottage Organic


This gorgeous hamper is all thanks to a fantastic partnership with River Cottage and our shared values of high quality, sustainable, and where possible, organically produced food and drinks. Our 'A Taste of River Cottage Organic' hamper is bursting with a wonderful variety of River Cottage products to try. 

Given the focus of this post, then we have to highlight the two cans of Stroud Brewery beer. The first is the  River Cottage Organic Hempathy - a hemp mild beer, sweet, earthy and nutty in flavour, made using UK-grown organic hemp flour. Second, is the wonderfully named River Cottage Organic Hopeful, a bitter that offers biscuity, fruity and spicy. 

If you are looking for a beer hamper gift, especially for Father's Day, that truly offers a wide variety of flavours and products, even those that you can use to create your culinary delights then this is a fantastic option. 

For special birthdays and other milestone occasions, do also take a look at The River Cottage Organic Hamper which features over 15 different items, including a special River Cottage apron and Hugh's latest recipe book.

A summer-inspired sharing hamper featuring great beers

Summer Sharing Delights Hamper

We love a good beer hamper...we love a luxury beer hamper featuring lots of variety and even more.

Make sure you explore our Summer Sharing Delights HamperIf dad has a summer birthday or you are looking for a special beer gift for him, the beer lover in your life, that the family to enjoy together, then this is a great option. 

This luxury sharing hamper includes two cans of Tap Social beer. The Tap Social Movement is a wonderful brewery and social enterprise, offering work and support to those in prison and prison leavers. We love supporting their work...and drinking their beer. 

Their 'False Economy' all-year-round lager is a golden yellow and offers a light taste. Their 'Time Better Spent' is an IPA - an ale with mild bitterness, but lots of fruity flavours too, including peach, passion fruit and mango.

There is also a cocktail in a tin, elderflower presse, pickles, snacking cheese, nuts, crisps and more...for the perfect picnic too.

If we have a sunny Father's Day then this will also be the perfect gift for Dad on the 16th of June!


A Classic Beer and Food Combination

The Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper


This is the ultimate beer gift for the person in your life who loves lager and curry! Inspired by everything we love about Indian Cuisine, take a closer look at the Curry Night Indian Beer Hamper.

If the beer lover in your life loves to cook up an Indian feast, especially a curry or two, then gift him two cans of beer from the innovative Crumbs Brewing company.

As a certified B-Corp company, Crumbs Brewing take bread that would otherwise go uneaten and use it to make beer.  For the perfect beer to complement a curry, they created Naan Laager...brewed with "leftover wonky naan bread".

This beer is the perfect accompaniment for tikka mix, chutney, Bombay mix and Indian-inspired snack your lucky gift recipient will find in this amazing beer hamper.


Learn more about this special Father's Day hamper >>>

A beer hamper featuring Jeremy Clarkson's brewery

The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper

Who do you know who is a fan of the Clarkson's Farm TV programme? If the beer lover in your life also rather enjoys the farming stories of Jeremy Clarkson and their team, then this beer hamper is for them - The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper.

This ultimate beer gift includes four bottles of beer - a real selection to get the taste of the brewery's full selection. The hamper includes Hawkstone's premium lager, IPA, pilsner and session beer.

Not sure what all of these terms mean? Check out our Ultimate Beer Guide which will explain all.

The gift box is packed full of not only beers but also a range of great snacks, including olives, nuts and crisps - all of the pub classics and modern favourites. This an amazing beer hamper - perfect for Father's Day, his birthday, her anniversary and more significant occasions. 

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Father's Day Beer Hampers

Although our beer gift hampers are perfect for any occasion and any adult, they are especially ideal as Father’s Day gifts. Father’s Day falls on the 16th of June this year and there’s no better way of showing how much he is appreciated than with a beer hamper! You can find a complete Father's Day gift guide here.

Birthday Beer Hampers and more...

For birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations - if a beer hamper would be the most thoughtful and appropriate gift - then do explore our full range, featuring lagers, ales, craft beer and more...

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