7 Valentine's Activity Ideas For Families And Children

A family day out with kids

If you have young children, then a romantic, quiet and relaxing Valentine’s Day may not be an option for you. Perhaps, it hasn't crossed your mind that you and your partner could still have some fun this Valentine’s, even with the kids to look after.

Here at hampers.com, we love making the most of some family time. So, why not get everyone involved with some fun-filled Valentine’s activities this year?

Here’s 7 different ideas to do with the children throughout the day… or across the weekend before (February 14th 2023 is a Tuesday after all!)


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Valentine's Craft Activities

Homemade Valentine ideas

Why not have a go at all making your own Valentine's card this year?

Raid the craft box for as many pink, red and white items you can find - create hearts, flowers and more. Simply fold a piece of card in half and decorate as you each see fit.

A great recycling solution is to find old wrapping paper or tissue paper – remnants of red Christmas paper is great or perhaps there's some wrapping paper from the Valentine's gifts you’ve exchanged with your spouse. Cut small squares from it, scrunch them up and stick them individually on to a heart-shaped card to create a great 3D effect. Check out a simple example here.

Then, it’s time to write your cards… who will be the lucky receipient? Perhaps each other or, perhaps, a grandparent, best friend, special pet… or even your littles one's first love at school!

Be sure to check our other blog post for Valentine’s card messages for inspiration as to what to write.



Valentine’s Lunch Plans

Posh restaurant pretend play activities

A posh meal out may not be an option with younger children, but that’s not to say you can’t recreate the experience at home.

Ok, let’s not set expectations too high, but most little kids love pretend play activities. So, why not get them to “set up their own exclusive restaurant”. Make sure they choose a sophisticated name and help them to lay the table nicely and fold the napkins (see here for some fantastic napkin oragami inspiration!).

Get the kids to choose some atmospheric music and they can dress up as a the serving staff, complete with the obligatory apron and a tea towel over their arm!

For older children, they might like to create a menu and drinks list too, perhaps even be involved with the preparation and cooking.

Whilst the little kids are busy creating their pretend restaurant, you could enjoy cooking with your partner. Keep it simple. Choose a dish you all love. If you need some inspiration, we have some great vegetarian recipes from Celia Brooks with incredible complementary ingredients hampers.

For older children, they might like to create a menu and drinks list too, perhaps even be involved with the preparation and cooking.

With everything ready to serve, take your seats and let your children be the waiters and/or waitresses – taking your ‘orders’ and serving your meal.

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Valentine's Afternoon Together

Heart-shaped biscuits for the whole family

If watching Bake Off rather than Masterchef is more your style, then why not spend some time together baking some delicious Valentine’s treats?

Heart-shaped biscuits are quick and easy to make – kids love rubbing together the butter and flour. You could create some yummy red velvet cup cakes. Whatever you decide, grab some icing pens and some heart shape sprinkles and decorate them together with your unique Valentine's designs.

Add your bakes to a yummy selection of finger sandwiches and have your very own afternoon tea. Perhaps, your toddler has their own tea set to use too!


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Valentine's memories to cherish at the play park

When was the last time you all went to the park? Burn off some energy and have some childish fun together as a family, this Valentine's.

Wrap up if it’s cold… pull on the wellies if it’s raining... and get out in the fresh air.

Channel your inner child – make the kids giggle as you whoosh down the slide or jump on the swings. Why not have a competition… who can go the highest? Mum or Dad?

Make up an obstacle course activity and see who can compete it the fastest - the parents vs the kids!



Valentine's Night In

Family movie night

After all of that exercise at the park and lots of fresh air, it’s time to snuggle up on the sofa for your favourite family movie. Which films do you both enjoy just as much as the kids?

 Bring the essence of a cinema trip with some special sweet treats. Make it even more luxurious and exclusive with gourmet popcorn and marshmallows in innovative flavours. See our range of Valentine's sweet hampers for inspiration.

Share your childhood memories with your own kids with a selection of retro sweets! Introduce them to the classics!



Valentine's dinner delivered to your door

If you’re spending Valentine’s at home together as a family, then make sure you treat yourselves to a special delivery. It’s the least you deserve.

You could be really extravagant and let each family member choose their own takeaway – watch the kids’ faces light up when you say they can have what they want… (perhaps, within reason!)

If you have younger children, you may want to get them off to bed early… after their fun day of playing restaurants, making cards, baking and running around the park… hopefully, they’ll be exhausted!

Then, it is the perfect time for you and your other half to order a favourite takeaway. Enjoy a luxury dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

Why not treat yourselves to something new? Have you tried Asian fusion or some of the amazing vegan and plant-based alternatives now available?

Whatever you choose, enjoy your romantic meal together, toast your brilliant parenting and savour the lack of washing up.


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Valentine’s ideas for all the family - sorted

Bring the fun to Valentine’s Day and enjoy some activities together as a family, involving your children, throughout the day.

We hope our ideas have inspired you to introduce the kids to the true meaning of Valentine's - quality time spent with those you love.

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