Snowdonia Cheese Company

The Snowdonia Cheese Company is a family business, run by the sons of third-generation dairy farmers, John and Richard Newton-Jones. The company started by selling at small local markets, before quickly being invited to be stocked in local, fine food delicatessens. Jump forward to the present day and their cheeses have won 113 awards in the last 10 years, and are now available in 25 countries worldwide. This expansion was rightly recognised in 2021, when they won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade.

Based in Rhyl, North Wales, the Snowdonia Cheese Company bring a wide range of employment opportunities to the local area. They are proud that the inspiration the lush greenery of beautiful Snowdonia gave them, can offer such a great return to the local community.

No matter the size of output, The Snowdonia Cheese Company remains focused on using only the finest, fresh, and natural ingredients to ensure the highest levels of product quality. From the careful sourcing of the ingredients to the expert grading of their cheeses, every element is overseen by the small, devoted team.

We began by using fresh ingredients to craft natural, premium cheeses that married an extraordinary depth of flavour, with a remarkable creaminess.

Exceptional Flavour – Expertly Crafted

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At, we are proud to include the award-winning Black Bomber and Beechwood Smoked Cheddar. The brand has received the prestigious ‘Best British Cheese’ for five consecutive years by the Fine Food Digest: Best Brand Guide. You can also find the Ruby Mist, Red Storm and Truffle Trove, in a wide selection of our hampers.

The Truffle Trove deserves a special mention here too. The truffles are sourced from Italy, where these rare and delicious delicacies must be foraged with great skill. The unique, earthy flavour works beautifully to offer a moreish, full-bodied cheese with undertones of wild mushroom and hazelnut.

The bright wax-coated truckles are instantly recognisable and whilst we think pairing these delicious cheeses with a complementary chutney and handmade cracker is the perfect combination – you can check out some wonderful recipe inspiration on the company website too – take a look through their suggestions here.

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