Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Couples Apart

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Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite occasions here at – we just LOVE any excuse to show those around us how much they mean to us.

However, we know that for Valentine’s 2023, not all couples will have the luxury of spending the day together.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, one of you is away for work or other commitments, or even, if you’ve been forced to isolate from your partner, we have some date ideas for couples apart that are sure to fill you both with joy and love.


Traditional Date Ideas for Couples Apart

Beautiful Valentine's Day Dinner

1. Cook up a virtual candlelit Valentine’s dinner

Now, just because you’re not going to be in the same household doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a classic, romantic candlelit dinner. Don your finest clothes. Whip up a fabulous dish of your favourite food and stare (virtually) into each other’s eyes.

Why not try whipping up one of the recipes from our Celia Brooks collection?

Not the cooking type? Simultaneously, order your favourite takeaway food? We’d suggest you both lightly heat the oven to keep the food warm for whichever arrives first. Why not enjoy a glass of Prosecco together whilst you wait, or even prep a delightful starter?


2. Send them flowers that last

Send more than a traditional bouquet this Valentine's - send a gift that will last and be a constant reminder of your love.

Our Valentine's Prosecco and Dried Flower Bouquet Gift is both stunning and sustainable gift. Dried flowers make the perfect addition to any room and with the right care can last a very long time...until you are back together again. We are not sure the Prosecco will last quite as long! 


Valentine's Prosecco & Flower Bouquet on display

Romantic Date Ideas For Couples Apart

A handmade Valentine's Day Card

3. Make your own Valentine’s Card

Why not get crafty and make your Valentine’s cards this year? Design or draw something personal to you both on the front of the card. Rest assured that anyone with experience from colouring by numbers to a budding Picasso can make an impression here! It’s the sentiment that counts. By putting your handmade, creative touch to work, as well as a hand-written message, it will make you both feel closer together on Valentine’s.

Need some inspiration on what to write? We’ve written some wonderful advice on Valentine’s Day quotes and messages, ready for you.


4. Make a bucket list together

Even if you can’t be together, we hope you get chance to video call or speak on the phone (perhaps during your romantic virtual dinner party, if you’re partaking in idea 1?). One of our most cherished activities is not only reminiscing about the past, but making exciting plans for the future.

So, this year you won’t be together on Valentine’s....but what achievements do you both want to hit together by the next year? Here are a few ideas we love:

  • Visit a new country together
  • Start your own book club 
  • Do a skydive together
  • Learn a new skill together (e.g. a musical instrument each! One learn a guitar, the other the drums)
  • Hit a saving milestone for the next big event in your life


Get Busy Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day Apart

A man walking whilst on the phone

5. Take a Valentine’s stroll together

Do you both find yourselves going on nice walks together when you’re both in the same spot? Why not consider doing the same, but on a call? Take your partner (via phone or video call) on what may be one of your favourite walks where you are, and if one of you is somewhere new, why not explore the place together?

Consider bringing in an activity to spice up the walk, and ensure you’re both engaging with each other. From a simple game of "I Spy" to a Photo Scavenger Hunt. All you have to do is set yourselves a list of things to photograph on your stroll. First one to send all the pictures is the winner.

Who is the competitive one in your relationship?!


6. Shake it up with a cocktail-making party

Do you both love yourselves a tipple? Whether shaken or stirred, pick up your favourite cocktail ingredients and mix up your Valentine’s evening apart.

Especially effective if you’ve both dressed smartly for the virtual occasion, why not ‘mix’ your romantic cocktail evening with one of our ‘Fun Date Ideas’ below to get the laughs going alongside the drinks?

Not sure what cocktails to try together? Don’t worry about a recipe, simply send the Valentine’s Cocktail Lover's Hamper for all they’ll need to raise a glass.


Valentine’s Day Relaxing Date Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

A photo of popcorn and a tv streaming service

7. Host a synced-up cosy movie night

There are now so many options for your cosy night-in watching a movie, so set up your Netflix, Prime Video or Apple TV and watch a RomCom together, snuggled up wherever you are. On some platforms, you can even arrange 'group watch' and to stream simultaneously.

Want to make the film extra special? Treat your partner to our wonderful Valentine’s Prosecco and Sweets Hamper, so they can be comforted by arrange of delicious snacks alongside your joint favourite film.


8. Have a romantic pampering session together

In 2023, you may not be able to give each other a hands-on massage experience or pamper session, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still unwind together in comfort. Take some time to quietly relax together, by both simultaneously running a steaming hot bath. Light some tealights, pour a glass of your favourite drinks, and enjoy a quiet moment together over the phone.

You can even continue the spa-like experience afterwards, if you have a nourishing set of beauty products and masks to rehydrate your skin after a bath.

Worried your other half won't have the necessary items for a pamper? Don’t fret, as we have both the Valentine's Pamper Hamper, with delightful bath salts and the Relax and Unwind Hamper, with a purifying face mask. Both are filled with additional treats to indulge in during your special Valentine's pamper session. 


Fun Date Ideas For Couples Away From Each Other

This is some alt text

9. Host a virtual double date with your favourite couple

Do you know another couple that will also be spending Valentine’s Day apart from each other? Get giggling with a virtual games night together! You can play many different card games with the help of a quick Google search, however one we’ve found is

There are plenty of other free games online, and one thing we always encourage is inclusivity. If you know any single friends in your life that would love to join, include them too. We’re sure they’d appreciate the offer.


10. Play a drawing game together

One of the most wonderful things about Valentine’s Day is spending quality time together that will be memorable.

Now, this date idea from home requires paper, pens and a printer on both ends, as well as a touch of creativity! All you need to do is find a piece of blank paper each, hold it vertically in front of you and fold it in half along the longest edge. Then, repeat the fold in half again, leaving the paper in a short, wide rectangle. Once unfolded, this should leave you with four equally sized rectangles, each one upon the other.

You’re going to both draw a picture together, even though you’re miles apart! Each rectangle on the paper is associated with a head (top rectangle), shoulders/ torso (second rectangle), legs (third) and, finally, the bottom section is for feet. To start, you both draw a head on your first pieces of paper, then scan and send the first image over to your partner via email.

They can then print out your image, and draw in the second segment! Repeat this process by swapping your scans with each other, and you’ll end up with two crazy creations you’ve both worked on! Why not set yourself a theme and stick to it? You’ll be surprised each time your partner’s drawing comes through, and will equally both end up with something physical to cherish forever!


11. Run your own Valentine’s Bake Off

Ready, set, Valentine’s bake! Nothing shows how wholesome a relationship is like a healthy competition, so if you’re apart this year, try your hands at baking some sweet treats?

Simply choose a recipe for you both to use, stock up, jump on a video call and bake! Points are provided based on how closely the bakes match the recipe’s photos and look the best! Who can be the most persuasive?!

Feel free to involve the kids in this challenge, if not as bakers, definitely as a judging panel. Will you get a special hand shake?


Spending Valentine’s Day Apart with

We hope we have inspired you to make the most of this Valentine’s (or perhaps the whole weekend before), even if you can’t spend it with your partner or spouse. It’s all about having fun and making memories.

If your plans change and you are able to see each other, (perhaps you can arrange a surprise visit!), take a look at our list of suggestions for the best Valentine’s Day activities in the countryside and in the city?

Finally, if you are looking for a Valentine’s gift that you can send anywhere in the UK, as well as internationally, do explore our brilliant range of gift boxes and hampers.


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